Charm King MOD APK (Unlimited coins) 8.14.0

Updated 27/08/2022 (1 year ago)
NameCharm King APK
PublisherPlayQ Inc
MOD FeaturesUnlimited coins
SupportAndroid 4.4+
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Introduce Charm King MOD APK

A fun fairytale world is waiting for you to visit and adventure at any time. I am referring to Charm King, a puzzle game with a funny fairy tale setting. Although only owns the gameplay of the classic diamond games. But the elements embedded in the game will definitely make you feel extremely interesting and unique. There is something special behind a game with the gameplay that is so familiar but you have never seen this.

If at a glance the images of the game. Makes you think of puzzle games like Candy Crush Saga. Or any game like that, you are right. Charm King has the same gameplay as the immortal puzzle monuments for nearly a decade. And even though it was inspired by their seniors. Charm King still possesses her very unique elements to separate from the majority. Of course, everything has to be changed so that it is reasonable and not boring.

Charm King mod

Download Charm King mod – Puzzle with intellectual power

The setting of Charm King is built into a fairy tale. In the world where you go and adventure. You will meet a lot of characters that give you a very deep impression. Solve their problems by solving the puzzles given by the game. The game system consists of hundreds of consecutive gameplay. Each level will be a prerequisite to lead the story through the climaxes. You have to perform tasks given by each screen, complete them and make friends with lovely characters. Helping everyone to have a happy and happy life.

The gameplay of Charm King, as mentioned above, is almost too familiar and you will learn them very quickly. Each level will consist of an area with squares arranged next to each other. Each square contains badges with different shapes such as clouds, red leaves, beans… You will move the badges to form a row of 3 or more identical pieces to collect them. The mission of each screen requires you to collect something, then collect that. But you should also carefully calculate each move because the number of moves is limited.

Charm King mod apk

Use nice combos

Depending on the order of the game screen its difficulty will increase gradually. At a certain point, you cannot just use a row of 3 badges to collect all the requirements. Because your badge moves are limited. If you use all the turns and still have not completed the goal, you will be counted as a loss. So the most necessary solution here is to use combos from rows of 4 or more badges. When there are 4, it radiates energy along both sides of the row. The aura of energy will move infinitely and light up the badges that need to be collected at that level. When you collect the glowing badge, you will get 2 instead of 1.

And when arranging the badges in an L shape. The energy flow will be radiated out from the 4 sides in the shape of a plus with the same effect. And especially when the 5 badges are aligned, the energy will radiate horizontally on both sides with all the rows. That means you have up to 10 energy bands to let them go through the remaining badges on the map. Increased the rate of getting double the number of badges.

Charm King apk

Unlock fascinating stories

In addition to the interesting gameplay and gameplay are too familiar. Charm King also has a collection of many interesting and charismatic stories. You will unlock them by completing a certain milestone level. Each story will include characters that look like they came out of a fairy tale world. Interesting stories about the prince and the princess. A witch boy and companion of the baby dragon. Or a skilled painter and an intelligent geographer. Each story will revolve around the lives and problems of the characters. Your job is to help and solve those problems. Make friends with characters and help them live happy life.

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Attractive events and gifts

The number of screens designed a lot is up to hundreds, thousands of screens with separate difficulty levels. But you don’t have to play them all. Maybe players who want to challenge themselves will want to do it. If you are not one of them, feel free to enjoy the daily events that Charm King always updates. There will be challenges set for you to perform, such as completing a level with a small number of turns. Or collect as many badges as you can. The challenge is not too difficult to do if you really persevere. Of course, the game will give you gifts that deserve the effort you spent.

Charm King mod free

Bring fun stories, bold details like in fairy tales. These follow a funny and cute edge locker. Along with the gameplay that is easy to grasp and get used to, the charm of Charm King is undeniable. There are no adult elements so it’s extremely suitable for experiences of all ages. Will definitely give you a refreshing and relaxing laugh. Download Charm King mod and master the conundrums.

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