Angry Birds Journey MOD APK (Unlimited lives) 3.0.0

Updated on 01/02/2023 (6 days ago)
NameAngry Birds Journey APK
PublisherRovio Entertainment Corporation
MOD FeaturesUnlimited lives
SupportAndroid 7.0+
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Angry Bird is very familiar to those who love the gentle game genre. Can include a series of games exploiting this character. Some popular names such as Angry Birds Blast, Angry Birds Match, Angry Birds Evolution… These games are certainly no stranger to many people. Also, exploit this familiar character but in a new and unusual direction. This has brought success to the game Angry Birds Journey.

The game is one of the famous products of Rovio Entertainment Corporation. The advent of Angry Birds Journey has brought an extra choice for gamers who love versions of Angry Bird. The game has had unexpected success with a huge number of installations. Angry bird’s journey will experience waves and difficult challenges. Please help it complete them with the highest score.

Angry Birds Journey mod apk

Download Angry Birds Journey mod – Join a challenging journey

The game is a combination of a shooter and a puzzle. The attraction of the game is the integration of puzzles into each challenge. Coming to Angry Birds Journey you will have a journey to discover questions through shooting challenges. By breaking and completing the goals. The answer pieces will be revealed gradually. Players will get interesting results.

Angry Birds Journey mod android

Simple gameplay

Angry Birds Journey Is a game quite simple and easy to play. Players can quickly catch up with the gameplay of the game after a short while. The key to the game is tossing birds with slingshots to knock towers over. It is important for the player to know the coordinates in order to be able to target them. Only then can the challenge be overcome. The player also needs to pay attention to the time and number of turns thrown at each level. They will affect your performance and the results you achieve.

Many interesting levels

Although it is a game with simple gameplay, not so that the challenging levels are less diverse. In contrast, Angry Birds Journey has a very diverse list of levels. Players can freely conquer different challenges. Each level is an enjoyable experience. Requires players to always reinforce and improve their skills. Only then will you have the opportunity to participate in more difficult challenges. The development of the difficulty level will motivate players to conquer. Give players excitement at each level.

Angry Birds Journey mod

The system of Angry Bird is diverse

Right from the game, we can guess the main character of the game is Angry Bird. They are the factors that create the new and attractiveness for the game. The producer has been very focused on investing in the shape of this character. Coming to Angry Birds Journey you will be choosing many different types of Angry bird. From classic to new characters. Players will not be bored thanks to the change in the shape of funny and funny Angry Birds.

Continuous contextual change

Angry Birds Journey also invests heavily in the level setting. They are created and varied between different levels. The designs of the towers are also not the same. They make up the difficulty for each level. At the same time, players also have the opportunity to explore strange locations in this exciting journey. The majestic world is reappeared in Angry Birds Journey. From bird islands to pig king palaces or winter islands, players can see them while playing. You will really be caught up in the journey of Angry Birds.

Angry Birds Journey mod free

Complete challenges and collect coins

By integrating puzzles in the birds’ journey. Players will have to complete challenges if they want to find solutions for them. With each completed mission besides being played at a higher level, you also get extra coins. The game also offers many other attractive rewards for the winning players. With the number of coins and loot collected, you can use them to prolong playtime or buy more turns. Try to get the most out of what you earn.

Angry Birds Journey mod download

With the improvements and novelties in Angry Birds Journey, the manufacturer has brought a new breeze to the familiar Angry Birds game series. Although the basic features are still maintained, the game has brought relaxation and comfort for the players. Owning cartoon-oriented graphics. Along with that is the support of soothing music. Angry Birds Journey will be a worthy choice for you to try. Certainly, the game will not disappoint you. Download Angry Birds Journey mod to join the journey of the birds and find solutions for puzzles.

Download Angry Birds Journey MOD APK (Unlimited lives) for Android

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