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Updated 21/11/2023 (3 weeks ago)
NameMerge Dragons! APK
PublisherGram Games Limited
MOD FeaturesFree shopping
SupportAndroid 4.1+
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Introduce MOD APK Merge Dragons!

Merge Dragons! is a game with the story of dragons and magic. You will discover everything related to dragons from the past years and years ago. From that knowledge, the player will build and create new varieties from fusing eggs. Challenges with puzzles help each player have their own type of thinking. Combining each dragon creation has never been easy, if you want to be different, you need more research. Merge Dragons! Reality is like a series of levels for the player to decode by bringing new dragons. You cannot use the old strategy but expect a new result.

With a world with many mysteries inside and countless dragons, players will quickly love them. Curious about how the combination you choose will turn out to be? It’s not too long to know it in Merge Dragons !, cute dragons are born and are in the player’s control. Cut the Rope 2, Tangle Master 3D are also some games that make you have to think a lot to complete the levels. Though the gameplay is not like Merge Dragons! but have common characteristics of the game genre.

Merge Dragons mod

Download Merge Dragons! MOD – Create adorable dragons

Merge Dragons! Systematic challenge enough for you to explore comfortably. Use the knowledge that you grasp in each game screen to complete your tasks well in each different situation. As you can see, the new breeds of dragons have very attractive advantages. But not everyone has the ability to detect how the fusion creates them. Be one of the players with different results, succeed in the process of possessing many generations of dragons. If you do not change, the player will gradually go into the past with the dragons too familiar. Merge Dragons! need continuous improvement which shows the unlimited creative development of the player’s creative thinking.

Merge to create new breeds of dragons

You know what, Merge Dragons! There are over 500 items for this. Think about how each combination creates a new breed of dragon, with so many items, how diverse will we have. Players are allowed to freely combine and own separate dragons in their dragon camp. Besides, you can also refer to other players to get new experience.

Merge Dragons mod download

Create your own dragon world

Open up the space to welcome new dragons that are the result of longstanding creation. Each dragon breed has its own abilities and advantages and disadvantages, but the more you own, the increased confidence in Merge Dragons !. At least for friends, players can be proud of what they have.

Connect with friends

Similar to a miniature social network about dragons, players are connected with many friends to develop the best dragon species. Don’t forget, visiting someone else’s dragon farm is also a great way to learn from experience. When ideas run out, players should refer to developmental patterns from their own friends.

Missions & items

Merge Dragons! There are quests system and many items, the number of up to 1000 options. In general, players need a lot of time to complete the workload as well as create the best upgrade items. And yet, the camp construction should also be paid attention. You need to make sure the living quarters for your dragons are as good as possible.

Merge Dragons mod apk

Merge Dragons! giving you attractive prizes thanks to the dragon varieties you own. Having in hand many types of dragons, each rancher has different opportunities. Always make an effort to get people to follow you for that constant creativity. Download Merge Dragons! MOD place for smart dragon farm owners and always has many interesting ideas.

How to Download & Install Merge Dragons! MOD APK (Free shopping) for Android


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1 year ago
The game is fine, but the mists that were previously unlocked for free are considered premium lands, if you could fix that problem it would be perfect.