Hidden Through Time APK 1.0.38

Updated 08/01/2024 (2 months ago)
NameHidden Through Time APK
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SupportAndroid 5.0+
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Introduce MOD APK Hidden Through Time

Hidden Through Time MOD APK will help your eyes become more keen. It will make us witness the best. Finding an object in a scene is very difficult. However, once you find them, you will feel like you have just experienced something crazy. Your searching ability will improve more and more as you go through these challenges. In addition, it increases over Time to an increasingly greater extent. You will feel truly happy and comfortable. Nothing too serious can happen here. Every condition that you make will be effective.

Maybe you feel like you need to change and develop a certain skill. Surely, we will have to think about intelligence and the ability to see first. Practising it through games is a great choice. That’s because games can make us feel comfortable. Plus, you can play at your own pace. Hidden Through Time is one of the brightest candidates for you to pursue. We will use all our abilities to search for objects. But it won’t be in boring pictures. It will be done in a setting with continuous developments.

Hidden Through Time mod android

Download Hidden Through Time mod apk – Search for hidden things

There are missing objects that need to be searched for. You are the only one who can find an owner among those dozens of complicated things. When we enter the level, we will see an extremely bustling scene. From the characters to the surrounding scenery, all can move. It would be best to search for all the objects or animals in the search bar below. Every single thing is hidden somewhere. You just need to look closely to spot these things. Search them all and bring them back to get valuable rewards from this game easily.

Creative maps

The maps in the Hidden Through Time mod apk are invested with extremely high quality by the developer. All you see will be extremely reasonably designed scenes. It could be a dungeon with scary creatures. A primitive tribe works and lives normally. It could also be the process of building the pyramids of the Egyptians. Everything can describe a certain living scene. Makes players feel closer while solving puzzles. We can explore many more interesting maps in the following levels where objects are hiding somewhere you can’t find yet.

Hidden Through Time mod apk

Difficulty gradually increases

You will have to go through many difficulties in this game. We can feel that when conquering later levels. Each map has its discomfort because details can mix. However, that makes us want to find more items there. In addition, the objects you search for are also smaller and more difficult to detect. Then, we will have to observe to find them. Of course, it will take you some time, depending on your luck. However, conquering them will be an extremely valuable achievement. It’s a premise for you to find the next things.

Hidden Through Time mod free

Be more creative

Hidden Through Time also allows players to participate in the creation of new levels. The developer has provided us with the basic source code of the maps. Players can use those things to create new objects. Making the difficulty of the levels increase more and more. We can then upload our data to the cloud. Enjoy hundreds of designed levels. Feel the diversity and difficulties that you will have to face. You will also gradually become a person who can easily find all the hidden things with sharp eyes.

Hidden Through Time mod

By passing the game levels, you will gradually strengthen your abilities. We can easily detect items hidden in confusing details. From there, retrieve them into your inventory. Explore a variety of maps with different living landscapes. You will feel like you are immersed in your world. No one can bother us. This is whenTime can freely complete your work with the Hidden Through Time mod apk.

How to Download & Install Hidden Through Time APK for Android


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