– Survivor MOD APK (Unlimited Gold/Energy) 1.1.2

Updated 21/06/2024 (2 days ago) – Survivor APK
PublisherBrilliant Games Private Ltd.
MOD FeaturesUnlimited Gold/Energy
SupportAndroid 5.0+
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Introduce MOD APK – Survivor

Become an alien warrior and fight monsters in the game – Survivor. The spaceship is carrying a hero who collided with a distant planet. It was considered a harmless planet, but the appearance of monsters denied it. This is a harsh planet with ferocious monsters that only want to destroy everything. After leaving the ship, the warrior was forced to fight each wave of attacks from monsters. Fortunately, he mastered the weapon, which helped him survive, but only temporarily. Fight as an alien warrior against ferocious alien monsters out there.

Planetary monsters arrived after the ship containing the warrior collided with the planet. Their ferocity became even more intense when they discovered that the warrior was alone. The warrior travels with his comrades, but an incident causes him to leave his exploration team. All contact with his teammates had disappeared, and he needed time to be able to contact them again. However, he had to fight them with his weaponry before coming here. But he can only try to cope with them and still need the help of his teammates. Help the warrior destroy waves of monsters and wait for his companions to come to the rescue. Survivor android

Download – Survivor mod – Survive the attack of monsters

The warrior has a strange problem leaving his teammates and moving in a different trajectory. His journey remains peaceful until his ship approaches and collides with a planet. He panicked at the appearance of many monsters, and they suddenly attacked without warning. Warrior uses his talent to use his weapons to destroy and escape this planet. But the monsters didn’t let him go quickly but pursued him to his homeland. The warrior escapes the monster but brings his city an unworthy enemy. But his responsibility has always been to protect the city and survive the onslaught of monsters. Survivor free

Fierce monster

The incident sends the warrior with his ship into an alien planet inhabited by mysterious creatures. They are the fiercest of monsters and are ready to rush toward him and attack in a rush. But the warrior escaped from here and used the ship to return to the city on the planet. Monsters want revenge and follow him to the planet where the city is growing. The warrior accidentally brings powerful enemies and must take responsibility for destroying them. The alien warrior’s journey against monsters will not be easy, but help is available. Become a warrior and fight with your teammates in the city against ferocious monsters. Survivor mod apk

Warrior level up

In the experience of fighting with warriors, you will witness their power. The ability to use multiple weapons was trained before they went out and collided with the planet. But their abilities are still not fully utilized, and you will discover them in battle. Invading Planetary Monster allows you to understand your space warrior better. Every time he defeats a monster, the warrior will receive experience so that he gradually increases his level. And each skill the warrior received after that would make it easier for them to fight against them. Accompany the warrior to protect the city and evolve the appearance of the warriors to become more powerful. Survivor apk

Weapons that slay monsters

Your warrior can use many weapons, and that’s why he returned alive. The alien planet to the other monster also helps him find many new combat weapons. And so when he returned and faced them again, the warrior destroyed them quickly. But the monsters advanced in numbers, and he couldn’t use only one weapon against them. Each weapon will have a different fighting style, and the ability to kill monsters is different. So you can choose the hero’s weapons before the battle to fight the monsters. Using weapons and experience from encountering aliens to protect the city. Survivor mod

The warrior accidentally collides with a planet inhabited by monsters and must fight to escape them. But the monsters followed the hero back to his city and destroyed it. They avenge their defeat and are ready to destroy everything, including humans. You and your warrior must fight ferocious monsters that have been overcome before. Leveled-up warriors will have a solid ability to fight alien monsters. Use weapons continuously to defeat monsters because warriors can use many weapons. Download – Survivor mod to help the city of warriors survive the attacking monsters.

How to Download & Install – Survivor MOD APK (Unlimited Gold/Energy) for Android


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