Shadow Hero: Idle Defense War MOD APK (Unlimited Money, MP, Skill) 37

Updated 24/08/2023 (10 months ago)
NameShadow Hero: Idle Defense War APK
PublisherRocket Game Studio
MOD FeaturesUnlimited Money, MP, Skill
SupportAndroid 5.0+
Get it onGoogle Play
Shadow Hero: Idle Defense War MOD APK detail?

1. Unlimited Gold*
2. Unlimited Diamonds*
3. No Skill CD
4. Infinite MP
* Increase when you spent

Introduce MOD APK Shadow Hero: Idle Defense War

Exterminating evil with Shadow Hero: Idle Defense War always has a specific price to pay. However, you will not have to sacrifice too much to become the most powerful. Sharp weapons are the ultimate way to repel the spreading hostile forces. Darkness will triumph over evil and always will be with us. There is no divine protection for what humans have suffered. Only by standing up can you save yourself. Stand up to claim equality for a better life that we always desire.

Not too strange, we have an excellent option for busy people, an idle game. Shadow Hero: Idle Defense War can be a wise choice given its construction. You will be immersed in death with the theme of black darkness. Feel free to become more vital to whatever limit you want. It is unnecessary to do things ourselves that may be beyond our control. Just play and have fun with the fantastic graphics quality it offers. From effects to a sound, everything is alive for eternal war.

Shadow Hero Idle Defense War mod

Download Shadow Hero: Idle Defense War mod – Prevent the invasion of evil

The battle between good and evil continues from ancient times to this day. Ninjas from the dark are trained to maintain balance for human life. However, the madness has begun to spread by enemies with bottomless ambitions. They continuously destroy and bring death to any land. To prevent destruction, the Ninjas were forced to battle to get a victory. You will be tasked with preventing enemies from entering the land you guard. Enemies will keep coming to try to break through the barrier you guard. It is necessary to become more vital to continue fighting more vigorous opponents.

Complete mission

Shadow Hero: Idle Defense War gives us a series of daily quests to complete. With these tasks, we can get quite a lot of sweet rewards quickly. The nature of the investigations will have difficulty depending on the number of prizes. That will make you work even harder to perfect it wholly and correctly. However, we will get a lot of gold and diamonds to upgrade. These are the two most necessary materials for later building up the character’s fighting power. Do not waste them and work hard every day to receive many gifts. You will see the character progress faster and more stable.

Shadow Hero Idle Defense War mod free

Use equipment

Our Ninja can use two types of weapons: primary weapons and auxiliary weapons. The main gun will be sharp swords or bows that are used directly. Additional weapons are automatically launched, such as daggers or darts. It would help if you dragged the auxiliary weapons into the moving enemy area to finish them off. In addition, you also need other equipment such as armor and a helmet for yourself. It will help increase a lot of resistance if the enemy becomes too strong for you. We will be upgrading to help this equipment reach its full potential.

Shadow Hero Idle Defense War mod apk

Create more turrets

While the strength of the Ninja is essential, it is not enough to stop your enemies. We need more turrets to increase the damage dealt with by the opponent. Turrets are divided into many levels for you to evolve. Each evolution will cause the tower to change shape and deal more damage. The large armies of enemies will hardly be able to overcome what you have arranged in Shadow Hero: Idle Defense War mod.

How to Download & Install Shadow Hero: Idle Defense War MOD APK (Unlimited Money, MP, Skill) for Android


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