The Cook MOD APK 1.4.12 (Unlimited money)

Updated on 17/08/2022 (2 years ago)
NameThe Cook APK
MOD FeaturesUnlimited money
SupportAndroid 4.4+
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The Cook – 3D Cooking Game is the place for you to cook dishes based on great recipes. Players need to perform from the first stages until the food to the customer and collect money. All jobs of chefs and salespeople are done by the village. At first glance, you may feel strenuous but in return, you have more interesting experiences. The Cook has many new dishes in addition to popular menus such as rice and soup. There are foods you will never know, don’t be surprised by that. The Cook not only simulates everyday cooking, but it also tells you more about cuisine around the world.

No need to run back and forth like Food Truck Chef, your customers don’t need fast service. They just need a portion of delicious food, which is the only desire when they come to the store. Line up, wait for your turn to calmly prepare the dishes that are delivered to your guests. If you want to have more conversations with guests, My Cafe is such a game. Not just food processing. serve, players are also confided to each guest.

The Cook mod

Download The Cook MOD – Prepare food and build a restaurant

Each new day in The Cook game is a different menu. In other words, your mission will change day by day. Choose ingredients, process, then put in the main cooking pot and serve. Bananas, vegetables, strawberries, meat, tomatoes, these are some familiar ingredients. Put things you want to cook on a cutting board, chop, season, wait for the guests to return and receive money from them. Each passing day of your work will repeat so until reaching 100% of the requirements will move on to the next level. Prize Delivery randomly generated during the game, you can get free once or see more ads to receive more. Take advantage of random gifts from the game to develop more stores.

Build Cook City

This is a miniature resort and entertainment for visitors to the store. Players need to equip chairs, refrigerators, umbrellas, tables to serve the activities taking place here. The Cook has many things to build outside of Cook City, Tropic Heaven, Arctic Lands, Mild West, Sakura Gardens, it will be unlocked based on the completion of the mission. Every place is a discovery in a new place, that is how to create an attraction with your customers.

The Cook mod apk

Upgrade kitchen and utensils

Kitchen, Tableware, Knife are the parts not to be missed if you want to improve the service quality even more. You get new kits when you randomly unlock them with the money you have. Currently, each item has 6 items you can choose to bring in the cooking process.

Refresh the chef

The chef is changed with a new outfit with a different image. Head, Body, Extra are the parts you will be refreshing the character. Each passing day, the chef only has one outfit and the appearance does not change. It is tedious, we need to change ourselves to impress customers. Besides being concerned about the quality of service, The Cook needs to take care of the chef too.

The Cook mod download

The Cook is a game for you to get acquainted with small business strategies. Each processing time, players pay money to buy ingredients and then collect money from customers. The difference is profit. Use it to upgrade the kitchen, change characters, expand additional works. Download The Cook MOD to try different businesses and restaurant development.

Download The Cook MOD APK (Unlimited money) for Android

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