Hero Master MOD APK (Menu/One Shot) 1.0.4

Updated 18/09/2023 (2 weeks ago)
NameHero Master APK
PublisherSims Puzzle Games
MOD FeaturesMenu/One Shot
SupportAndroid 5.0+
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Introduce Hero Master MOD APK

Hero Master MOD APK challenges your fighting ability when using the hero’s power. You will participate in tactical combat journeys to express yourself. Those are wars that combine Eastern and Western myths. So, when participating in combat, you will have the opportunity to discover fascinating stories. And you will become the main character of mythical stories to defeat monsters. During those missions, you can gain resources and upgrade your strength. Start fantastical battle stories and control your hero to explore challenges.

Mythical combat journeys have begun for you to explore. But to participate in the challenges, you must choose to transform into the world’s hero. And when you start, you will enter stories with different combat challenges. They will prevent you from conquering mythical journeys, so you must develop your strength. Practicing through combat levels will help you improve your abilities. So, enhance your fighting skills and knowledge to explore battle stories. Get ready for challenges in myths and show your strength.

Hero Master mod

Download Hero Master MOD APK – Prove your fighting talent when transforming into a hero

You will start fighting by choosing the powerful hero you want to accompany. There will be cards representing mythological characters, and you can choose. They represent the heroes of the East and the West so they will have different ways of fighting. So, please take advantage of the opportunity to fight with heroes to discover their strength. And if you want to learn more about the heroes, you can collect more cards. You can choose any hero you wish to by ordering a deck of cards. Explore thrilling battles and show off your fighting hero control skills.

Hero Master apk

Collect decks of power cards

Heroes will be your combat companions in challenging levels. So try to find as many wild cards as possible to explore the stories. Each hero will have a unique fighting style so that you will have many fighting experiences. They can also be strengthened using the cultivation system when fighting enemies. In particular, the number of cards also determines the maximum power the hero can exert. So try to collect all the hero cards and participate in battles. Collect hero decks and challenge levels against monsters in Hero Master MOD APK.

Hero Master mod apk

Fight against monsters

You will fight with heroes when choosing the card you like the most. And at the beginning, they will show off their strength by destroying evil monsters. However, you only fight in waves of many challenging levels against them. So try to improve the power of the hero you control to win. Your heroes will automatically attack, and you must move them to fight and destroy monsters. But you won’t stop fighting because there will be more than 2,000 levels for you to experience. Demonstrate your hero-control talent to conquer the challenges of destroying evil monsters.

Hero Master free

Become a fighting master

Different combat levels will be where you challenge your ability to control your hero. So you will go through different journeys with the hero to express yourself. The heroes have acquired the ability to fight automatically, so you need to direct them. And winning levels will prove you are a master with top skills. However, to destroy all monsters, you must combine excellently with heroes. And you will fight with all your abilities until you conquer the levels. Enter the fighting levels against monsters and prove you are a fighting master.

Hero Master android

You have embarked on your journey of fighting against monsters in levels. And when choosing a hero card, you will witness their strength in battles. These will be challenging journeys and bring you fascinating experiences. So you must collect all the hero cards and fight with them against monster enemies. They will appear at different levels, so you must upgrade your hero’s power. And when you become strong, you will conquer all challenges and prove your talent. Download Hero Master MOD APK to show off your fighting talent while accompanying the hero.

How to Download & Install Hero Master MOD APK (Menu/One Shot) for Android

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3. Install and enjoy


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