Elroi: Defense War MOD APK 1.18.01 (Unlimited summoning)

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NameElroi: Defense War APK
MOD FeaturesUnlimited summoning
SupportAndroid 5.0+
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Elroi: Defense War is a place where you can adventure to carve continents in a fantasy world. Thereby fighting with many different forces to protect their empire. This simple tower defense game has been around for a long time, but it still attracts many players now. Although there is only one way to play that does not change over time. Everything will be thoroughly introduced. The purpose is for you to grasp easily. Process the information intelligently to get ready for the match as quickly as possible. Come to Elroi: Defense War to feel the real strategy and thinking.

You’ve probably heard of the tower defense game a few times already, right? Even if you don’t know it, you will surely know many interesting things about this game genre. First, it provides us with troops to go to war on a chaotic battlefield to fight the enemy. You must use all the skills and knowledge you have to win against your opponent. Do that by summoning warriors with resources. Then there was fighting on many different fronts. Elroi: Defense War is such a style game.

Elroi Defense War

Download Elroi: Defense War mod – Expand your continent with tactical power

Each level in Elroi: Defense War will be a mission. That mission requires you to destroy the enemy that is moving towards us. They are dangerous monsters of various continents. I will fight back by summoning warriors on my side with the resources I have. Each warrior takes a certain amount of resources to consume and summon. Take advantage of creative strategies to defeat your opponents. Completing each level will give you secret rewards. Maybe a new warrior or some worthwhile upgrade. Because of that, the matches will not be boring at all.

Battles are integrated on a simple 2D screen. Warriors and monsters, when out of battle, will go straight towards the opponent uncontrollably. That is a feature that is not confused with any other game. In addition to the battlefield between warriors and monsters, you can also influence other powers from many special skills. For example, speed ​​up to make the match go faster. You have full control over everything during the matches. Only the outcome is beyond that control.

Elroi Defense War mod mod

Massive amount of characters

More than 200 characters are included in the framework of the warrior faction. Yes, you did not hear wrong. With more than 200 of these warriors, the tactical arrangement in your levels is almost limitless. Because it’s almost impossible for you to own all of those warriors, use their power to the maximum if you have someone. Each level will be limited to 8 different warriors for you to use. Depending on the characteristics and strength of the enemy at that level, you will choose your most suitable squad. Because of the large number and high customizability, that makes no battle like any other in Elroi: Defense War.

Elroi Defense War mod free

Facing the Bosses

When the enemy is attacked and defeated many times, there will be times when they have to give a lot of last hope. Famous as their strongest is probably the giant bosses. With a size much larger than normal warriors. They have enough power to destroy all your tactics. But it’s not impossible to take down a boss. You will have plenty of time and strength to deal with it. Choose and decide wisely to hit the weak points of the bosses. Then destroy them convincingly. With a scale of 500 levels, surely the number of bosses among them must be a lot—more opportunities for you to challenge.

Elroi Defense War mod apk

Conquer new areas

This is a journey across many different continents, so there will be many contiguous continents on the map of Elroi: Defense War. Each continent contains a certain number of levels. Depending on the terrain and climate of each continent, the monsters and levels in each place will be significantly different. Requires you to learn everything carefully before entering a new continent. We don’t know much about where we’re going. Therefore, there will be many different surprises waiting for you. Prepare everything thoroughly to avoid any unforeseen dangers. Each place has a lot of valuable rewards waiting.

Elroi Defense War free

That alone is probably enough for you to understand the context of this goalkeeper strategy game. Along with a lot of interesting elements that other games do not have. Elroi: Defense War will take you to many different continents around the world. Learn about monsters and the origin of all things. Make your empire power growing. Every adventure is a new journey in Elroi: Defense War mod.

Download Elroi: Defense War MOD APK (Unlimited summoning) for Android

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