Hero Age MOD APK (Menu, God mode/ One hit) 4.1.0

Updated on 07/03/2023 (3 weeks ago)
NameHero Age APK
PublisherGnik Box
CategoryRole Playing
MOD FeaturesMenu, God mode/ One hit
SupportAndroid 4.1+
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Hero Age MOD APK Infomation

V1: Menu

  1. God Mode
  2. One hit kill
  3. No Ads

V2: Dumb enemy

Most of the game’s role-playing knight, fighting monsters are online games and require an internet connection. Today, however, we have one special exception. Introducing to you the game Hero Age. Extremely interesting offline role-playing game. The same theme is that knights destroy monsters, bring peace to the world. Although quite simple, it will be very interesting for those who do not have too many skills or do not play the game much. A good approach to this already quite old genre.

Describes the story of an unknown hero, in an ancient world, many monsters appeared the most. They have an unspecified origin and cause disasters to spread throughout all parts of the world. Is a role-playing game with many basic prototypes. We have jobs for characters, weapons, support items, monsters, and more. Freely use characters with different looks and strengths. Create your own powerful character to fight the enemy. Free uplands from doomed catastrophes. DUNSTOP!, Dead Shell: Roguelike RPG is a few more battles if you need an introduction.

Hero Age mod

Download Hero Age mod – Hero fight to protect humanity

The character control system is also very simple and easy to manipulate. Instead of the Joystick to move the character, you just need to click anywhere on the smartphone screen. There are also special skill buttons used for different characters. You simply move back and forth on the 2D screen to fight, so getting used to it is quick. It is impossible not to mention the lands and monsters for you to defeat them, collect the necessary items and weapons to increase power. Through many battles, your character will get stronger and stronger. Challenge many higher-level monsters.

Of course, it is impossible to fight arbitrarily. The missions are created for the purpose of the hierarchy to increase players’ power. The mission is based on a seamless storyline with many intriguing details. Completing them will gain more experience and strength for your character. Travel through different countries to learn more about their special stories. Getting to know many new characters contributes to many more roles in the game. In Hero Age, you will do everything like a real hero.

Hero Age mod apk

Diverse professions for characters

The strong squad is made up of warriors with a variety of professions. They are taken from the prototypes from the warriors of fiction in the books and novels. Includes 4 playable characters. We have Knights, with a sword in our hand that destroys everything with our physical strength. Mages use magical power, a flow of magic to defeat the enemy. Archers with a bow can attack at any range at will, damage is also very high. In addition to swordsmen who use swords to fight, they can also use magic. Changing the warrior depending on the monster that needs to be confronted, for maximum efficiency.

Hero Age mod apk free

Equipped with many effects and genres

Equipment is also an indispensable thing for a hero. In Hero Age, the equipment is carefully crafted compared to other features. A character’s full set of equipment includes a main weapon, armor, support items, chains, and rings. They have many types suitable for different professions to equip. In addition, strengthening and enchanting them will also significantly increase their strength. Some weapons have additional special effects depending on their rarity. If you know how to use them in a smart way. You will master every battle with monsters.

Hero Age mod mod

Attractive side activities

In addition to the main storyline and quests in the game. There are also extra activities for you to play freely and receive gifts for your character. They have many genres such as interacting with your character, or mini-games, but the rewards are very attractive. You get to try hell mode, a completely different place from the real world. There the monsters will be much more exotic and diverse. Destroying them will receive many rare items and accessories. Or lucky box mode, every day you open any gift package to get the most surprises. Activities make the game more space and less boring.

Hero Age free

Hero Age is a combat role-playing game but in a softer style. The gameplay is quite easy to get used to so everyone can experience it. Together with a cast of multi-functional characters for you to utilize according to your own strategy. Upgrade diverse weapons, participate in many activities that are periodically disseminated from time to time. Because it is the most engaging part of the game. Download Hero Age mod to control your hero.

Download Hero Age MOD APK (Menu, God mode/ One hit) for Android

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