Blade Idle MOD APK (Menu/God mode/Onehit/No skill CD) 1.39.1

Updated 26/04/2024 (4 weeks ago)
NameBlade Idle APK
CategoryRole Playing
MOD FeaturesMenu/God mode/Onehit/No skill CD
SupportAndroid 4.4+
Get it onGoogle Play
Blade Idle MOD APK detail?

V1: [ Player Menu ]

  1. Godmode
  2. One Shot Kill (With Skill)
  3. No Skill Cooldown

[ Auto Clear Wave Menu ]

  1. Enable
  2. Time Between Each Wave Cleared (seconds) // Option To Make Time Look More Realistic

[ Passive Menu ]

  1. Get Buffs Without Watching Ads

V2: Menu


Introduce MOD APK Blade Idle

A game that tells the story of an anime-style herbal girl named Blade Idle. She is just an ordinary girl with a passion for wild medicinal plants in the forest. Suddenly one day, she accidentally found the legendary sword. This changed her life and made her a great hero. Engage in battles in the dark stone dungeons beneath the earth. The entire battle is exposed to everyone. After going through the narration of a girl with short green hair, the player can understand the basic plot of the game. The player is then taken to a gray stone floor area. There are formidable opponents waiting here.

Don’t think that your character is just a weak girl. The maneuvers and counterattacks she shows will make you change your mind. Contrary to her educated, weak appearance, entering the battle is a brave and fearless girl. Holding the legendary sword, wipe out the demons raging here. Monsters appear in different shapes. They attack the player in a rush. Depending on the different battle areas, the youkai also have strengths suitable for the conditions there. The blows of the player’s swords cause enemies to fall and disappear right in front of them.

Blade Idle mod

Download Blade Idle mod – The tough battle of the herbal girl with the legendary sword against monsters

Blade Idle is a vertical screen mobile war. The player’s job is to move the character by moving his finger on the screen. Because this is a game with an automatic attack mechanism in front of enemies. This means that as soon as the enemy gets close to your character within a certain range, she will slash down. How many slashes an enemy takes to disappear depends on the enemy’s level and the sword’s attack stats. At the end of a level, the character will disappear under the light, then reappear in the central circle of the area. When the player appears, it is also falling from the light stream falling from the sky. More surprises and dungeons await ahead.

Blade Idle apk free

Change your look

As a girl, the passion for changing clothes is indispensable. Meeting this need of the herb girl, Blade Idle offers a collection of different clothes. Various shapes and designs. The clothes of the beast like a brown boar, a blue fish, a yellow chicken… The general with brown armor wears a green long-sleeved shirt. Queen’s suit with glittering gold-plated design details. Office girl with a black vest, wearing knowledge glasses, hair in a bun behind her head. Simple school uniform with gray uniform skirt. Hair is neatly trimmed and clean.

Blade Idle android

Collect equipment

During the knock-on war, there are times when items and gift boxes are dropped when fighting youkai. Notice and collect them by clicking on these gift boxes. There are rare equipment that helps players increase their strength a lot. Divided into many items such as costumes, equipment, support cards, … The armor changes color and shape. Wear them to increase your defense and reduce the damage of attacking enemies. The iron gloves also increase your sword’s attack stats. They are designed with many details with an ancient and luxurious style in yellow, blue, gray, …

Blade Idle apk

Sword Collection

Having in hand the legendary sword, the sword is also one of the main weapons and the highlight of the game. Of course, it is not unusual to change these swords. Besides changing, it is also possible to upgrade them to increase attack stats. The giant fish skeleton, the brown leg of a certain unlucky pig. A huge giant sword with angel wings on the hilt. The sword was shaped like a long brown bread, and the wooden mace was covered with many sharp nails. No one remembers that the first sword was just a super simple long wooden sword.

Blade Idle mod apk

Each slash that the player slashes down with the trail of the sword also has a color that matches the sword. Also when the player reaches the advanced levels, upgrade skills and stats. Unlock more skills such as a tornado, crashing into the character, hypnosis, or lightning. Besides, every time the player moves, whirlwinds of the same color as their skills follow. Every step is surrounded by a circle of light of power. Download Blade Idle mod that opens the battle of herbaceous and mutant demons.

How to Download & Install Blade Idle MOD APK (Menu/God mode/Onehit/No skill CD) for Android


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