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Updated 02/08/2021 (3 years ago)
NameRavensword APK
PublisherCrescent Moon Games
CategoryRole Playing
MOD FeaturesMenu/God mode, unlimited mana, Speed hack
SupportAndroid 5.1+
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Introduce MOD APK Ravensword

Monsters are imaginary creatures that always bring terror to us when it comes to it. If our world existed these creatures, would be terrible. But what if this could lead to exciting adventures? Join Ravensword on the journey of a great man. Survive and fight monsters with the most terrible power. Become the only one who can master this dangerous world.

Ravensword is an extremely epic 3D open-world game on the mobile platform. A product of the most successful type of developer Crescent Moon Games. You can unleash adventure anywhere in this game with a large map—experience eye-catching, high-quality images with faithfully reproduced colors. Interact with many different attractive features of the game. This is a super RPG you should try when you have free time.

Ravensword mod free

Download Ravensword mod – Become a legendary hero

The first step to becoming a true knight is choosing your appearance. You can customize the hero’s race, gender, and body shape. When you have a hero you like, you often start to enter the medieval world full of darkness. You will have to complete the missions given by the people in the kingdom. Get well-deserved rewards to benefit yourself. Dozens of monsters will appear on your way. Please do not be shy but let them know who is the ruler of this land. Use weapons and attack until they can no longer resist.

It would be best if you were careful with high-level monsters around you. Many of them have tremendous power that can take you down with one attack. Should focus on building strength by collecting items that are beneficial to you. Avoid encountering things that are too terrible to preserve your life.

Ravensword mod apk

Collect the weapons

Your hero is very talented and can use any weapon in his hand. Bows, swords, hammers, or axes are all suitable options for combat. Each weapon you earn will have its own unique uses. Assuming that you will have to aim properly at the enemy and shoot when using a bow and arrow. Can shoot in the head to deal more damage to the target and easily take it down. With swords or melee weapons, it’s a bit more difficult. Must choose the right time to rush to attack the enemy. Dodge the attacks they launch, with the main target being you. The damage to this weapon will be more serious.

Ravensword mod apk free

Tons of monsters

This world has the appearance of many creatures other than humans. Most of them are monsters of great size and fear. There are also prehistoric dinosaurs that appear like Carnosaurs or T-Rex. The giant spiders in ruins are also a big threat to the heroes. There are also countless types of monsters of different types introduced into Ravensword. Through the requirements of the mission, you will meet a lot of new enemies. Each object has its own type of attack and danger. Be careful before deciding to confront these uncontrollable forces.

Featured places

The created world of Ravensword seems to have no limits given its vastness. All will be divided into different locations, such as the capital, the rocky plateau, the jungle, or the hills. Based on the map, you can move to any place you need and know your location. You can go for a walk and enjoy the scenery as much as you want. Discover new things in the forest, where there are many different forms of life. The carnivorous dinosaurs that lived near the highlands are also something to admire. A huge open world that challenges the courage of anyone looking for power.

Ravensword mod android

Use horse to move

You do not need to move by jogging to the places you need. Being able to use a horse for riding will save a lot of time than usual. Horses have many times faster speed and durability when moving. This was a tool that knights loved and used often. It is possible to ride a horse and fight enemies in a completely normal way. This will give you a huge advantage during the attack. Easily dodge or keep a distance from the enemy to destroy them. Make great feats in Ravensword mod.

How to Download & Install Ravensword MOD APK (Menu/God mode, unlimited mana, Speed hack) for Android


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How do i use obb and apk i dont know what i do in this and what app like zip apps?also i will rate it 3 because i dont know what i do and some people

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