Dead Shell: Roguelike RPG MOD APK (Unlimited money, DNA) 1.3.11

Updated 28/02/2024 (2 months ago)
NameDead Shell: Roguelike RPG APK
PublisherHeroCraft Ltd.
CategoryRole Playing
MOD FeaturesUnlimited money, DNA
SupportAndroid 5.0+
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Introduce MOD APK Dead Shell: Roguelike RPG

Science fiction theme is always used in cinematographic works, comic books. And in the last few decades, it has made its way to the video game market. Now we can earn a multitude of such themed games. But in this article, I will only talk about Dead Shell. Surely you are also familiar with space exploration games. So what happens when we have to deal with unidentified entities. Fight with them to protect your own survival. That is the main content of Dead Shell.

Brings the atmosphere of a fighting game in space. On the 16-bit graphics platform, it is no stranger to early gamers. Dead Shell is a collection of battles that are both chaotic and show certain sneakiness. Requires players to possess a specific strategy in order to win. Although all movements in the game are limited to the maximum. But still does not affect too much of the gamer experience.

Dead Shell mod

Download Dead Shell mod – Fight in the dark air

A group of eight crew members is engaged in an outer space campaign. With a single spaceship, the team has arrived on a strange planet. Residence of monsters with horror and scary shapes. The mission of the crew is to destroy the root of these scary alien creatures. Defeat the giant boss and destroy the deadly planet. Possesses action-oriented gameplay but minimalism in a pretty interesting way. This is also the reason why Dead Shell is different from many other games.

The fighting process in the game is divided into levels. In it are small and large screens with bosses displayed with a skull. Each level of gameplay is a maze of complexity. You will see everything that covers the maze on the limited screen. You stand in the center when you first start. Click on branches of the map to move to them. If confronted with a monster, the player will fight it on a special screen. There is the information board and your health is below, the rest of the monsters will be above you. Use weapons to destroy them. If the blood runs out, they will die and disappear. You will continue until the end of the level.

Dead Shell mod apk

Full crew lineup

Taking part in this campaign is a total of 8 crew – 8 warriors with different strengths and weapons. For each screen play, you will choose a suitable person to fight alone. Each warrior is equipped with his own weapon and each person’s special skills. Creates variety in gameplay so you can make it almost limitless. Of course, you have to unlock each one by passing many levels or giving up a little of your wallet. Anyway, they are very strong and quite worthy of all that you spend.

Dead Shell mod apk free

Weapons are completely free

The weapons in Dead Shell, are indispensable in fighting games. And spending a lot of money to own just one weapon doesn’t seem like much fun. So in this dark space game. You are free to own them. Bypassing as many levels as possible. The chances of getting a powerful and useful weapon without losing anything are very high. The player can only equip a certain weapon for one of 8 warriors. Please carefully choose the right one. Dedicate the best to your crew.

Dead Shell mod free

Many mazes on the battlefield

The number mentioned in Dead Shell as far as I see it has reached over 1000. Yes, there are more than 1000 levels of difficulty for you to play until you get bored. Though there is an awful amount. But I am sure the gameplay in Dead Shell cannot make you bored. Because of the variety and richness in gameplay and design of the screens. Not to mention many epic boss battles that require extremely high tactics. You will be willing to adventure until the game’s final charm. Fight with many weird monsters and giant bosses to become even more powerful.

Dead Shell free

Without such an interesting and unique combat mechanism. Perhaps Dead Shell would not be able to attract such large numbers of players. Along with the design of the various gills. Many possible tactics and quality bosses. Added with a small element of the retro graphic background. Created a great space adventure game. When you experience it firsthand, dreams can feel all the fun of it. Come on, let me download the Dead Shell mod and enjoy what follows in history.

How to Download & Install Dead Shell: Roguelike RPG MOD APK (Unlimited money, DNA) for Android


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