Gun War Z2 MOD APK 8 (Unlimited money)

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NameGun War Z2 APK
PublisherArarat Games
MOD FeaturesUnlimited money
SupportAndroid 5.0+
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Move in a helicopter and stop zombies from attacking people in Gun War Z2. Residents in cities around the world must climb to the rooftop to avoid being hunted by zombies. Drive your helicopter to the top of each house and kill zombies. Defend the villagers with your powerful guns. Lead the villagers to the aircraft and take them to a safe place. Use the most advanced firearms to take down the zombies coming up from the building. The reward you receive will depend on the number of people and zombies. Defeat the undead and save as many people as possible from getting the most money. Join the journey to protect people around the world.

The people in the city are avoiding the search for the undead. The top of the building is a temporary safe place because zombies don’t know how to use elevators. People can temporarily stop them by obstacles on the roof. But they can climb to the top of the building and destroy everything with their strength. So they need help from people like you because they are stuck and can’t find their way out. Join the journey to save people trapped by zombies on buildings. You will be provided with vehicles and weapons to complete that task well. Rescue everyone before the zombies touch the excellent people.

Gun War Z2 mod apk

Download Gun War Z2 mod – Rescue people from the siege of the undead

The undead has destroyed the whole world due to their swarm power. Human lives are only at the buildings’ top because a zombie epidemic has killed the Earth. The zombies have invaded the world and destroyed all life that has ever existed on this planet. Their ferocity forced the rest to climb to the top of the tallest structures. The temporary zombies will not be able to come up and capture the villagers. However, you must hurry to rescue them before they find a way to climb up. The world’s life will not disappear and will continue as long as people are alive. That mission is now for you; try to save as many people as possible.

Gun War Z2 mod

Flight of life

You will need a tool to rescue the people who have moved to the city’s top. You can only get there and do the mission by plane. This vehicle helps you to reach the buildings quickly and efficiently. The plane also isolates you from zombies because they can only move on the ground. However, they will not tire and will go crazy when life is ahead. Control your plane and prevent them from moving toward the people. Try to stop the zombies’ ability to advance to help the people escape. Use helicopters to transport people to escape to safety.

Gun War Z2 apk

Weapon system

Your rescue will be equipped with weapons to slow down the zombie’s speed. Their mobility will be significantly reduced if you kill one of them. You will be provided with a separate gun and need to control your firearm. The planes also have inbuilt weapon systems that can assist you. Use a combination or a weapon to help people move. You can also upgrade weapon systems from the money earned from rescues. Finally, buy advanced planes to transport as many people as possible. Finally, equip the latest guns because they will damage the zombies most.

Gun War Z2 free

Fateful rescues

Your mission is to save as many people as possible to continue to stay alive. You will not be biased in rescuing people from zombies worldwide. The villagers have managed to survive, and you must assist them to a safe place. The rescue needs to take place quickly and continuously because of the danger of the zombies. Just a little subjective, they can attack people at any time. Use the helicopter to move to where life still exists and rescue people. Use your weapons to be able to stop the undead and continue to save lives. The lives of the people in the building depend on your flights.

Gun War Z2 android

The zombies have brutally destroyed the world, and only a few people survive. The residents had to huddle together on top of the buildings because it was a safe place. The zombies won’t be able to make it up for the time being, but they’ll soon find a way. Using your helicopter to rescue lives before that happens would be best. Instead, move to places where there are still people and stop the undead. Rescue and move survivors to a new, safer place. Download Gun War Z2 mod to be able to participate in the journey to maintain Earth’s life before the zombie pandemic.

Download Gun War Z2 MOD APK (Unlimited money) for Android

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