Hills of Steel 2 MOD APK 3.8.0 (No Cooldown/God mode)

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NameHills of Steel 2 APK
PublisherSuperplus Games
MOD FeaturesNo Cooldown/God mode
SupportAndroid 5.0+
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MOD Infomation
  • V1: No cooldown
  • V2: God mode

After the huge success of the first season. Highly motivated and supported by the gaming community. That enthusiasm is the motivation for the developer to release the sequel to the cult game Hills of Steel. Is a tank battle simulation game extremely attractive and addictive for gamers? Hills of Steel 2 gives players improvements to the features that were available in the previous version. Along with bringing in many new interesting mechanisms and features. Take your battles to a completely different level.

This tank control game is a production based on team battles. With an equal number of players per team. We will command and control our tanks with our teammates. Attack and destroy each opponent to bring victory for the team. Hills of Steel 2 also has extremely attractive game modes and events for you to experience with your friends, bringing attractive gifts.

Hills of Steel 2 mod

Download Hills of Steel 2 mod – Fight to destroy the enemy with your teammates

In Hills of Steel 2, you will own tanks with strength and characteristics that are not similar to any other. There are loads of game modes to choose from. Each level will allow you to use a certain tank. Join in the fiery and chaotic battles with your friends. Demonstrating genius marksmanship skills. Destroy targets along the way and win. The game puts teammates first, so it will definitely be very attractive to players who play with the crowd.

The game starts with a long and steep road divided into 2 sides corresponding to 2 factions. That terrain always applies to all game modes of the game. You can only control your tank straight or backward on that track with your teammates. There is no element of sneaky here when both sides have to face each other head-on in order to engage. Bold chaos inherent in the battle between tanks. You have to do with your allies to avoid the opponent’s attacks. Counter-attack and destroy them quickly and accurately to win.

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Demonstrating skill melancholy

Use your ultimate tank shooting skills to make your opponents have no way to defend. Fighting an enemy is not just us. There are also teammates with equally powerful tanks. Work together with allies to create beautiful combos that disturb the opponent’s squad. Create strategic advantages that are sure to win. The first two are always better than one in all areas. Teaming up with others to complete challenges is always more surprisingly effective than doing it yourself. So stay calm and confidently show your skills as you won’t have to do them alone.

Hills of Steel 2 mod apk free

Countless powerful tanks

The collection of tanks in Hills of Steel 2 is massive. The game offers a lot more tanks compared to the first game. They have a variety of characteristics and gameplay that cannot be counted. Like the Kong with the ability to jump up and step hard on the opponent. Or the Tower can adjust the height of the gun to shoot out accurate projectiles. Each tank has 4 basic stats: health, strength, speed, and special stats. In order to create a variety of gameplay for each level of play. Use any tank to be able to combine well with your ally or counter your opponent. Everything depends on your clever calculation and strategy.

Hills of Steel 2 mod apk

Lots of attractive modes

Hills of Steel 2 in addition to the basic real-time 3vs3 game mode also owns 8 other diverse online game modes. Like the goalkeeper mode with our side and the enemy side controlled by a machine. The mission in this mode is to protect the base from being destroyed by the enemy’s side. Possessing unlimited rounds to challenge the master record. Or boss battle mode including our side confronting a giant boss. Use powerful skills to achieve attractive gifts. It is similar to the battle mode and boss fight that are too familiar to gamers in popular adventure games. And there are many unique game modes that promise to be extremely interesting and attractive.

Hills of Steel 2 mod free

Bring excitement and chaos through each battle. Hills of Steel 2 deserves a great action game that you can choose from. Challenge with epic tanks, along with beautiful graphics and fun sound. Will add to your game collection a unique and worthwhile product to experience. What are you waiting for without starting the suffocating battles with Hills of Steel 2 mod!

Download Hills of Steel 2 MOD APK (No Cooldown/God mode) for Android

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