Stickman Fight Infinity MOD APK (Unlimited weapons/upgrades) 4.8

Updated on 16/02/2023 (1 month ago)
NameStickman Fight Infinity APK
PublisherBlock Puzzle Jewel Game Studio
MOD FeaturesUnlimited weapons/upgrades
SupportAndroid 5.0+
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Stickman Fight Infinity is an action game on simple character blocks. It is a type of combat based on innovation with diverse content. Although the characters are just basic shapes, they do not lose their attractiveness. Coming to these genres, gamers must be too familiar with the gameplay and its deadly attraction. A survival game with standard arcade mode will still be a good choice for entertainment. This game is a sequel to Stickfight Legend, which is also quite famous. Will there be any bold innovation in content and gameplay in the game? This has to go through experiences and enter this virtual world to conquer. Defeat and destroy enemies to overcome dramatic battles and levels.

With over 1 million downloads, not to mention the game has created a big name in people’s hearts. Join the stickman heroes and have authentic fights in Stickman Fight Infinity! It promises a great action game that will test your fantastic fighting skills. Become an undefeated hero and destroy all the enemies in front of you.

Stickman Fight Infinity mod

Download Stickman Fight Infinity mod – stickman hero

Starting this action game, you will be transformed into a real stick hero. Your enemies will be three other stickman characters. Can you guess what the specific mission is? There will undoubtedly be a chaotic and dramatic war. And you must use your fighting skills and strength to crush them. The battle will ultimately end when you are the last one standing. The enemies are numerous, and everyone uses every scheme to destroy the rest. Must keep a safe distance and should know when to defend and fight. Collect all the weapons on the way to fight the fastest enemies. The game will be addictive because of its fast-paced, eye-catching, and highly focused attention. If you make a mistake, you will lose completely.

Stickman Fight Infinity apk

Epic items

A system and a highly diverse arsenal of weapons to create a highlight for the game. Indeed you will be attracted and want to own them all, right? With 18 different guns to prepare for great wars, enough to overwhelm you. In addition, your hero will be equipped with explosives and bombs for unexpected situations. There will be times when it is urgent to use it and especially will cause the opponent to lose quickly. In addition, weapons will be upgraded if you pass the levels daily. This will increase the damage to your gun a lot. In particular, Stickman Fight Infinity also gives you ten types of hats and bracelets to protect stick heroes. In addition to firearms, there are other weapons such as swords and spears with diverse characteristics.

Stickman Fight Infinity mod apk

Multiple maps

To have the battles to attract players, the game also offers vibrant contexts. To create excitement and not cause boredom every time the heroes go to war. Different battle maps will create more diverse and unique atmospheres. The characters will confront the forests, the city of thunder, and the bridge between the sea… In addition, there are other areas where you have to conquer it. Each place will have its challenges, and enemies will be more vital. The background frame will be changed through each confrontation round to make it real. Use all you have to defeat all stickman opponents. Aim to conquer all the rich maps in the game and prove the strongest hero.

Stickman Fight Infinity android

Shapeshifting stickman

To suit emergencies and fight more vigorous opponents. The stickman character will have a unique transformation feature that you will love. Your hero can transform into a cowboy, mischievous clown, or a mighty warrior… This is also to distract the eyes of the other enemies, similar to camouflage under layers of safety armor. Sometimes there will be items that must use coins to be owned. These items will support the hero in combat; if you want, you must pay a certain amount of cash. Every day you log in, there are valuable rewards. In addition, if your score on the leaderboard increases quickly, there will still be a corresponding gift for that position.

Stickman Fight Infinity apk free

The higher the level, the more the player’s fighting ability will be shown. Challenge your friends and see who has the highest ranking position. So let’s download Stickman Fight Infinity mod together and transform into an undefeated stickman hero in exciting survival battles!

Download Stickman Fight Infinity MOD APK (Unlimited weapons/upgrades) for Android

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