Mighty DOOM MOD APK (Menu, Damage/Defense multipliers/God mode) 1.13.1

Updated 02/05/2024 (1 month ago)
NameMighty DOOM APK
PublisherBethesda Softworks LLC
MOD FeaturesMenu, Damage/Defense multipliers/God mode
SupportAndroid 9.0+
Get it onGoogle Play

Introduce MOD APK Mighty DOOM

Mighty DOOM is an action game that takes players to a fierce shooting battlefield. Here players need to confront the bloodthirsty demons. Under the top-down perspective, you’ll have a bird’s-eye view of the war around you. The DOOM universe setting gives you a dynamic adventure through exciting locations. Play as a robot guy programmed to fight all the demons. Regardless of whether your character is moving or standing still, the robot will always shoot to destroy the enemy that appears in its sights. This maximizes your ability because there is no pause between shots.

There needs to be a clear shooting strategy because waves of evil can destroy you. They appear continuously and have a certain number depending on the requirements of the game screen. The game screen is divided into many levels, and many different types of demons exist. Hone your skills by fighting an army of little demons. When you have more skills, you can deal with giant bosses. They all contain terrible powers that you can hardly overcome. To get through challenging levels, you need to have stable shooting strategies to avoid exhaustion in battles.

Mighty DOOM mod

Download Mighty DOOM mod –  Shooting war with demons in the DOOM universe

After you have finished equipping weapons and costumes for your character, you will be put into battle. Labyrinths and battlefield locations appear. To control the character to move around the screen, you can move your hand to the circular virtual key in the center. In battle, if you want to change weapons, just touch the gun icon in the left corner. Before the battle officially begins, you can spin the bullets. From there, draw three bullet-shaped cards that the game provides. On top of your hero is a blue energy bar. When the energy bar is exhausted, it means losing.

Mighty DOOM mod apk

Various types of guns

As a shooting game, in addition to focusing on skills, guns cannot fail to mention with a gun system designed by various manufacturers. Players only need to collect sufficient medals through each victory screen. Then go to the armoury area and unlock your favourite gun models. Each gun model, in addition to being different in design, also have uneven stats. From the power index, speed, and destructive power, …. each gun uses an other warhead. The ability to launch powerful attacks also depends on the level of each weapon. The destructive power is strong or not depends entirely on you.

Mighty DOOM apk

Fight the Devil

The giant boss bosses are always the highlight and bring a sense of horror to the player. Mighty DOOM is no exception when the bosses are equipped with supreme power. They are extremely strong and full of magical spells. The appearance is terrifying, along with the small demon army that always follows to support. At the feet of these demons is always an orange energy circle with a large size. Besides, some pitfalls are set to wait for players to get caught. But the metal piece is covered with nails, fixed stone blocks, lava areas, … Just a player who commits one can be destroyed.

Mighty DOOM apk free


As a hero robot, the player character will wear armor throughout the battle. Besides, players can also equip secondary guns in addition to the main weapon. Use them when your main gun runs out of ammo, or you want to change the gameplay. Players can also upgrade the character’s outfit to increase skill stats from hats, armor, gloves, and shoes to scopes and laser guns. There are many colours and designs for players to choose from. When upgraded, the character’s gloves are also equipped with blades. Use these blades when attacking the surface closest to you.

Mighty DOOM android

In addition to costumes or weapons, there are additional skills to support the fight. Players can be given these skills in gift chests or daily rewards. For example, the card doubles the warhead, meaning you can fire two bullets simultaneously. Or increase the combat power each time your attack reduces the enemy’s health more. There is also a blue plus sign card, which can help you improve your energy to prolong the fight. There are also many other skill cards to make your battle easier. Download Mighty DOOM mod become a robot to destroy evil alien monsters.

How to Download & Install Mighty DOOM MOD APK (Menu, Damage/Defense multipliers/God mode) for Android


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