Guard Smith MOD APK 1.18 (Menu God mode/Unlimited diamonds)

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NameGuard Smith APK
MOD FeaturesMenu God mode/Unlimited diamonds
SupportAndroid 5.1+
Get it onGoogle Play
MOD Infomation

1. God Mode
2. Unlimited Diamonds (click on the quest icon)

When someone wants to invade your territory, follow Guard Smith’s way. It’s about building a solid squad with the best individuals we have. Then send them to protect the outside with all their talents. Resist massive attacks of fearsome shadow creatures. The winner will have everything, along with constant growth and stability. Your castle is impregnable in any way. Only superior forces can afford the most significant battles.

When you do not want to use too much energy to play the game, there is a way. That is to use games like Guard Smith for fun and still get many benefits. It is designed to resemble the usual tower defense games that are still popular. The only difference is that you don’t need to operate it by summoning soldiers multiple times. Instead, sit back and watch your units fight automatically. Pre-prepared settings will make you feel easy. It is ssible to play and do other things atsimultaneouslyithout worrying about being entangled.

Guard Smith mod

Download Guard Smith mod – Defend the castle firmly in your way

In the face of the enemy kingdom’s threat of invasion, our mighty guardians are ready. They will be summoned to the front of the castle to begin their defense. As the enemy approaches, the Guardians will begin to attack continuously. Please don’t give them a chance to counterattack and stop them before they reach the gate. Successfully defeating enemies will give you a well-deserved bonus to accumulate. So the more enemies you kill, the richer you become. That wealth is applied to changes and upgrades from features. Increases the effectiveness of units so they can defend much better.

Summon the Guardians

We can recruit more workforce from many other parts of the continent. Each hero can show off a unique fighting ability. No one can. For example, we have gunners standing on the wall with a hitting skill. Easily take down enemies with your sharp and precise arrows. Next were the sworders with a fantastic combat speed. They can freely approach and take down their enemies from various slashes. Mages can use their powerful spells to destroy opponents. The characters are graded rarity in different colors for easy identification.

Guard Smith mod apk

Unlock skills

When you have brought a character into the battle ranks, their skills will also appear. You can activate these skills to increase strength for a short time. Skills allow for healing, increasing damage, or protecting the character. When unlocking higher levels, the character’s skills will also change. Stronger and more effective for allies or enemies. With these skills, if you want, you can also install them automatically. This way will save time and not have to activate manually many times. Much more effective in battles of a continuous nature.

Guard Smith mod free

Pet equipment

We can strengthen our defenses with our cute pets. You can summon these pets from within the wheel of fortune. Then choose the most vital pets to equip the defense system. They will contribute to attacking enemies and creating interesting effects. Collect a lot of pets to get the best battles with the Guard Smith mod.

Download Guard Smith MOD APK (Menu God mode/Unlimited diamonds) for Android

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