Play Together MOD APK (Menu, Auto fishing/Lock Camera) 1.60.1

Updated on 31/05/2023 (1 week ago)
NamePlay Together APK
PublisherHaegin Co., Ltd.
MOD FeaturesMenu, Auto fishing/Lock Camera
SupportAndroid 6.0+
Get it onGoogle Play
Play Together MOD APK Infomation

Mod menu

  1. Auto fishing
  2. Speed fishing
  3. Lock camera
  4. Swim fast
  5. Fast movement

You have a hobby of gathering friends and having fun together after stressful and tiring days of studying and working. But they don’t know what games to play with each other because each person loves a different genre. If you play a fixed game, it will quickly get bored and disband early. So why not invite everyone to experience Play Together. Where you can play all the games. That’s right, play all the games you like with your friends. Any game with a variety of genres that you can explore and play together happily.

Developed by the need to have more fun times. Connect many people together in a game. Instead of just playing alone is boring. That’s the mindset of some people who like to play games with friends. And so Play Together was born. One smartphone per person. Now just need a stable network connection. You and your teammates can gather at any time when you feel free and excited. Play together with the most colorful and chaotic themed games.

Play Together mod

Download Play Together mod – The Game You Can’t Play Alone

You and other friends will join a world filled with color. A place where you are free to create funny characters according to your preferences. But the main purpose is not here to chat and chat. It is true that you will be chatting with each other. But in addition, people can play up to 17 mini-games in a fun and refreshing way. From every topic of racing, cooking, hide-and-seek, balancing… The games are short but fun and chaotic. Each player will take the top spot and beat the other players in the funniest way.

With 3D graphics and smooth and beautiful character movements. You will join a team of up to 10 people to play many fun games. Win high rankings and receive more attractive gifts. Playable from role-playing games, puzzles, action to sensationalism has it all. The motto is no plowing and stress accumulation. Simply having fun at the end of the day with friends in the most comfortable and happy way.

Play Together mod apk

Feel free to choose your look

Each person will join Play Together with their unique appearance. There are a lot of funny and sometimes silly looks. You can choose between a clown, an astronaut, a dumb duck… These looks are very funny and sometimes will make your group more lively and cheerful before playing the games. You can unlock more new looks thanks to your gaming achievements. The in-game movement animation of the characters is also extremely interesting. Guaranteed to make your group of friends have moments of laughter and tears.

Play Together mod free

Wide variety of minigames

You and your friends can play together with any game you like. In the list of 17 minigames with completely different modes and rules. Create a variety that everyone enjoys. Or they will split up to play, but the most fun is still playing together in a minigame. You can race with people anywhere in the world, becoming the best chef. Compete to see who can catch the most fish, carefully balancing on the spinning helicopter. All the games you can think of are here. Along with the list of hidden quests during the game is very attractive.

Play Together mod mod

Own a lovely home and pet

You won’t have to wander anywhere when you’ve played all the games. Each person will be able to own a house of their own with a lot of modern amenities and facilities. From the living room, swimming pool, bathroom, kitchen… Just like a luxury villa. Even more wonderful is the feeling of being raised with pets that can freely choose. Between cats, dogs, chickens, pigs… More than 27 different animals for you to raise and develop. Your friend has added a lovely and friendly pet association. The world in Play Together will be extremely lively and full of happiness.

Play Together mod apk free

If you are looking for a game that makes people happy to gather and play together. Then it must be Play Together. Get ready for the most intense yet dramatic and fun matches. Feel free to share your joy and life with your friends. Inviting friends over to play or gathering with your pets are the most engaging activities you can do. Along with the colorful world of fun and comfort. Spend time with Play Together mod to enjoy many memorable moments with your friends.

Download Play Together MOD APK (Menu, Auto fishing/Lock Camera) for Android

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