Battle Ella: 2048 MOD APK (Menu, High Damage/Defense) 1.1.6

Updated on 11/01/2023 (4 weeks ago)
NameBattle Ella: 2048 APK
MOD FeaturesMenu, High Damage/Defense
SupportAndroid 6.0+
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Battle Ella: 2048 MOD APK Infomation


Fight adventures in the distant future in the fighting game Battle Ella: 2048. Get lost in battles to the most modern and grand scale of the end. The future actions of the characters are given distinct personalities and powers. Players are allowed to play or own a compelling character. Crises are bound to happen one day in the not-too-distant future. Plan to avert such problems with bloody battles of the mind. Being alive with the game Battle Ella: 2048 with everything around is so magical. Enjoy the actions or stories about the characters appearing in the game. The story is short but also a part that will make the player more attractive.

The image of the game Battle Ella: 2048 is extremely high quality with very eye-catching graphics. The game story will always be around the game players. Countless battles to attract players are always a plus point of the games. Levelling up the inventory of items or the number of characters, the Battle Ella: 2048 game has done very well and is rich. Game enthusiasts can download Battle Ella: 2048 to the device and experience it. The features, gameplay, and story of this game will undoubtedly cause excitement for players. There is always some competition that the game will bring that will add to the appeal.

Battle Ella 2048 mod

Download Battle Ella: 2048 mod – Female Warrior Ella

Get lost in the game’s 2048 AD future. Disasters have brought dramatic battles between factions. Especially after the cataclysmic disaster, everything exploded with actions. Get ready to fight with the beautiful and seductive Ella heroines. Fight off machine mutants and other Ella masters in the game. The game brings a competitive part to the players when there are more leaderboard categories. Players of Battle Ella: 2048 will always aim for intense glory towards the player himself. Become the leader in the game’s history by defeating all the enemies. Show off all the skills of a combat player, a clever puzzler that exercises the mind of a gamer’s genius in engaging game modes.

Battle Ella 2048 mod apk

Eliminate the enemies

The game allows you to get used to the easy screen confrontation with the enemy. Take on the responsibility of winning with the female warrior Ella’s party. Start the game Battle Ella: 2048 by fighting simple characters. Corresponding to each enemy will be created a different formation, number and rearrangement—a battle arena with female warriors riding powerful fighters. Then from the following levels onwards, you will face a mechanical dragon or a monster. More and more enemies are becoming more and more powerful after the most challenging classes. Increasing the difficulty of the game later makes the game will be more attractive to game players.

Battle Ella 2048 mod apk free

The plot of Ella’s characters

The games that build character-based combat will all have a story for that game so that the player can learn and understand the character in the game that the player himself participates in or loves. Battle Ella: 2048 has a plot revolving around the adventures of the future Masters and Ellas. So many things lead to fierce battles in the game. The field of this game will not be too stereotyped, but it will also revolve around the player. The story will revolve around those circumstances when the player leads the character anywhere. Many anecdotes will be told throughout the journey in the game Battle Ella: 2048.

Battle Ella 2048 mod android

Players rub against each other.

Battle Ella: 2048 builds a player leaderboard to make the game competitive. The leaderboard will honour and bring glory to the player with the best achievements in the game. The players will have modes to fight against each other to rub—a 1-on-1 training regimen for added strength testing, strengthening, and improvement. Remove the limits of the player’s character by various methods. The combat system is highly diverse for the game players to experience. Directly compete in Ranked Game mode, directly affecting the player’s score and position in the game Battle Ella: 2048, adding competition and competition between players.

Battle Ella 2048 mod android free

There are always different ways to develop characters and play this game. A party of Ellas with up to ten alien warriors on the same front line. The sharpest 3D images and collections with every unique, exciting detail. Download Battle Ella: 2048 mod using charming female characters Ella fights all her enemies to become the most powerful warrior.

Download Battle Ella: 2048 MOD APK (Menu, High Damage/Defense) for Android

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