Grow SwordMaster MOD APK (Unlimited gold, high damage) 2.0.5

Updated 22/11/2023 (3 weeks ago)
NameGrow SwordMaster APK
PublisherPixelStar Games
CategoryRole Playing
MOD FeaturesUnlimited gold, high damage
SupportAndroid 4.4+
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Grow SwordMaster MOD APK Information

Grow SwordMaster mod version

  • Get more gold when killing monsters.
  • High damage.

Introduce MOD APK Grow SwordMaster

Many idle games are often repetitive in terms of boring easy-to-play and one color. Despite being labeled idle, but to create a game that attracts players. But with the operation that is so simple, that idle is not a simple thing. However, it is entirely possible with Grow SwordMaster. A knight fighting game to defeat monsters. With “idle” shown in the description of the game. Will make many people quite excited and surprised. But the real damage afterward, let’s also explore.

Basically, Grow SwordMaster is just a simple fighting game. With a powerful warrior background in the journey to destroy the devil through many different lands. The reason to call it a fighting game is simply that the game does not possess beautiful 3D graphics. Or many complex combat mechanisms. It just encapsulates a 16-bit vertical screen with some interactive functions. What makes the Grow SwordMaster attractive lies in the variety of weapons and skills. And it can be said that the idle of the game is also a real advantage. If you want a more modern battle, Tank Hero, Treasure Hunter is the choice you should try.

Grow SwordMaster mod

Download Grow SwordMaster mod – Destroy monsters idle way

Your main role in Grow SwordMaster is, as noted, an anonymous knight. With the mission of eradicating violence everywhere, he goes. We will meet a variety of monsters all over the world. From dragons, wizards, skeletons, and more. You will face them alone. But with many powerful weapons and skills, various supplemental spells. Our friend just needs to press the screen to attack the enemy. Press more and faster, the attack will be stronger and more powerful. Up to a certain limit when you get tired, you can switch to automatic hitting. Just sit back and do many other simple things.

According to the idle game. You just need to press the auto-hit button. And the game will do everything for you. What you need to be aware of and self-aware is the upgrade system. And equip stronger weapons with each battle. Your ingenuity and intelligence are shown in the way you choose a weapon. Skills to confront each monster. So just read through their effects carefully to understand how to use them.

Grow SwordMaster mod free

Many different weapons

Your warriors don’t just use swords to fight. Spears and battle hammers will also be an effective choice in many battles. Based on the type of weapon you find, it is also divided into many small branches. Bring different uses and effects. When used, it is extremely effective and has high damage. Many weapons give unique stats such as dodge, poison, and stun monsters. If you know how to combine them intelligently, you will create unbeaten equipment. Both have the ability to defend and can unleash many powerful attacks on the opponent. The choice and combination of them are based on your intellect.

Grow SwordMaster mod apk

Skills and accessories needed

In addition to weapons, the Grow SwordMaster also provides players with many more necessary skills and support items. If you only have the weapons to fight, you will not survive very long. Because monsters get stronger with time. That is why special skills were born. They are used for emergencies like when you are about to run out of blood. Or need more strength to defeat the enemy. Skills such as lightning, attack speed, and power… are very useful for your warrior. In addition, potions, mana, and stamina are always automatically used. In order to prevent players from falling into difficult situations.

Grow SwordMaster free

Change in appearance and strength

The basic appearance of a warrior with normal armor is very familiar to the player. However, you are still allowed to change his appearance with the outfit system. You can become a raven warrior, bone man, or Santa with a small amount of money. But the effects that the costumes give are quite impressive. For example, but increased base power increased defense or dodge for the player. They are very convenient and you can dress and change them any time you like.

Grow SwordMaster mod apk free

Serve players with all the cool features. Grow SwordMaster though simple in gameplay. But will not be as boring as many other repeat games. Because there are countless numbers of monsters and weapons. Definitely an option worth a try for those who don’t have a lot of free time. Then take a moment to destroy a monster and upgrade your warrior. Experience many free battles with interesting surprises with the Grow SwordMaster mod.

How to Download & Install Grow SwordMaster MOD APK (Unlimited gold, high damage) for Android


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