Idle Bounce Heroes MOD APK (Unlimited money) 0.0.6142

Updated 09/05/2023 (11 months ago)
NameIdle Bounce Heroes APK
CategoryRole Playing
MOD FeaturesUnlimited money
SupportAndroid 5.1+
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Introduce MOD APK Idle Bounce Heroes

Idle Bounce Heroes is an idle combat role-playing game for often busy gamers. Because it is an idle game, the player does not need to perform many control operations. With Idle Bounce Heroes, select gestures are always the central theme in the gameplay. Your main task is not to control movement buttons or skill keys. Instead, you need intelligent calculations to use resources properly to upgrade. The number of enemies is the same as the number of levels, they are almost limitless. Our hero needs a tenacious fight to be the winner. At the end of the level, the biggest enemy is the giant boss.


Do you remember the last time you had to put off playing a game because you were busy with school? It’s a game you enjoy and want to spend a lot of time experiencing. The battle scenes are full of charisma, making your bed like you can’t take your eyes off the screen. But after all, games are just fun, and learning is much more critical. Even though you don’t want to, you’re still forced to leave that game behind to finish your homework. That regret will now be difficult to repeat with Idle Bounce Heroes. Players can achieve victories in this game despite not having much time. The gameplay is simple but full of fun.

Idle Bounce Heroes mod

Download Idle Bounce Heroes mod – Fight with flying weapons

Idle Bounce Heroes is a game that will create a new concept of role-playing games. Since the moment that the role-playing game series was launched and gradually became famous all over the world. In the hearts of fans, role-playing games always have a specific unshakable standing position. To list all the successful role-playing games is probably impossible. That number is too much, and each game has good points that are entirely different from other games. Usually, those are games with the main character, on a quest on a quest. Of course, that journey is not easy because obstacles are always ready to stop the character. Players need to be familiar with the mechanics of controlling the character to fight to defeat the enemy. However, with Idle Bounce Heroes, the actions gamers have to perform will be much lighter. You just need to click select to upgrade equipment, the rest is automatic.

Idle Bounce Heroes apk

Collect equipment

It can be said that the hero in Idle Bounce Heroes has the ability to fight from time to time. The weapon the hero compresses has a bouncing mechanism like the ball to deal damage. The knife, once thrown, will bounce around the screen and return to the starting point. It’s not wrong that the name of this game has the word bounce, the weapon will bounce like a ball. This is considered a breakthrough innovation from the developer’s side. Indeed, in the current game market, there are few games where weapons can move like balls. By this mechanism, the damage that the player creates is vast and immeasurable. Weapons in Idle Bounce Heroes are more diverse and satisfying for players to collect. Initially, weapons were just knives, swords looked very simple and not too dangerous. But later on, it was axed, extremely powerful scythes.

Idle Bounce Heroes apk free

Constantly upgrading

Players need to care about upgrading to get the scythe, ax as mentioned above. When the monsters are destroyed, a large amount of gold will belong to the player. You will use that gold to upgrade and create more powerful weapons for warriors. There are quite a few levels of equipment set up in the world of Idle Bounce Heroes. Green is for low-tier weapons, blue is for a higher tier. The highest level is purple weapons and equipment, threatening all enemies. Besides upgrading weapons, players also need to improve the character’s defense. There are armors and magic rings to increase and heal.

Idle Bounce Heroes mod apk

Infinite multiplayer screen

When experiencing Idle Bounce Heroes, players will have to recognize the unlimited creativity of the game maker. The number of levels in Idle Bounce Heroes is genuinely uncountable. Gamers will not need to worry when the game screen can happen too quickly. Because later on, the number of enemies will constantly increase and get stronger and stronger. They are completely capable of making players worry about defense as well as recovery. Not stopping there, one of the essential things of role-playing games is the boss. Idle Bounce Heroes is no exception, the end of each level will be a powerful boss. With a large amount of health and damage, it challenges every gamer.

Idle Bounce Heroes android

If you need an idle role-playing game, Idle Bounce Heroes is waiting for you to enjoy. The game has a very light and simple mechanism that does not take much time to get used to. Download Idle Bounce Heroes mod to become a hero who can control bouncing weapons like balls and win against all monsters.

How to Download & Install Idle Bounce Heroes MOD APK (Unlimited money) for Android


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