Girl Cafe Gun MOD APK (Menu, Damage/Defense) 1.0.9

Updated 17/04/2023 (12 months ago)
NameGirl Cafe Gun APK
MOD FeaturesMenu, Damage/Defense
SupportAndroid 5.0+
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Introduce MOD APK Girl Cafe Gun

What could be better than running a cafe with the lovely girls in Girl Cafe Gun? This unique combination of combat and brand new shop management will make players rethink and enjoy to the fullest. Girl Cafe Gun is a game about restaurant management. In which the player is a boss of a large-scale coffee shop. Of course, you will not be the only one working here, and beautiful girls are also selected to take on the job of serving customers. But if you only manage the cafe, it doesn’t seem very happy. So what if we do business while fighting monsters?

The game that looks so simple and cute holds a highly long and complicated plot. Girl Cafe Gun is about the process of restoring the world after a disaster. The main character runs his cafe and commands the service girls to fight. They fight against the forces that have caused disaster for this world. With complex character development and campaign mechanics. Girl Cafe Gun promises to be another epic and attractive mobile game blockbuster.

Girl Cafe Gun mod

Download Girl Cafe Gun mod – Grow your cafe and save the world

After the influence of a mysterious energy source called Ionus. Earth has suffered an exceedingly terrible Outbreak of global disaster. Luckily surviving the disaster, the main character will take on the task of finding the cause of this awful event. Princess Island will be the starting point for your upcoming long journey. In this journey, you will meet many girls with special powers. Add them to your 8th squad to fight against the Archdemons. They are strange entities that appear after the disaster and wreak havoc everywhere. At the same time, you will also manage a cafe to decorate and earn more profit.

Based on the game’s name, the girls’ primary weapon will be various guns from advanced technology. In each battle, you will arrange the formation so that the girls are in a specific position. This makes an essential contribution to helping the girls’ attacks change depending on their respective positions. Battles take place in modern cities against the backdrop of a futuristic world. The generated 3D superstructures are visible. Enemies are no exception with all kinds of levels.

Girl Cafe Gun mod apk

Cute 2D characters

The main character is you, so it will not appear on the screen in the game. The rest of the girls are beautiful and realistic 2D simulations. It’s like you’re watching an anime. There are many girls with different special abilities to fight. They will also be your employees in this post-apocalyptic cafe. Every girl has a unique personality based on their voice. You can touch to increase the intimate interaction between the characters. Send gifts to girls to make them closer to you. The most important is to power up with a variety of resources. Surely you will need the coordination of these beautiful girls on the battlefield.

Girl Cafe Gun mod apk free

Run your coffee shop

This cafe will exist from the very beginning of the game. The girls who fight with you will also take on the job of serving staff in this place. Always open at any time to receive guests. The girls’ costumes will also change into servings that you’ll want to see. Although it is a coffee shop, there are still many different services for customers to experience. That will increase your profits to become rich. Interior decoration for this cafe is the most important activity. From tables and chairs for guests to sit, vending machines, billiards tables, game machines… Everything will be provided when you have more money to buy them.

Interactive and deep storyline

If you think that interactions with characters in the game only stop at gift-giving and contact, you are wrong. Girl Cafe Gun has been offered a lot of stories about different characters since its debut. Now not only fight with them, but you will also understand the story behind each character. The reason these girls are here and where does the fight comes from. The interaction will be enhanced if you talk a lot with them. Send private messages to the girls on social media, learn about each individual’s life before working here. Surely if you are curious, you will know more exciting things.

Girl Cafe Gun mod free

Grow cute girls with you to fight in a world full of enemies. Also, run a cafe to earn extra income and learn about the characters’ stories. This strange but lovely combination has been enticing gamers to download Girl Cafe Gun mod more and more.

How to Download & Install Girl Cafe Gun MOD APK (Menu, Damage/Defense) for Android


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