Samurai Survivor MOD APK (Menu/Damage/Defense Multiplier) 0.4.5

Updated 30/10/2023 (1 month ago)
NameSamurai Survivor APK
MOD FeaturesMenu/Damage/Defense Multiplier
SupportAndroid 5.1+
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Introduce MOD APK Samurai Survivor

Samurai Survivor MOD APK – is an extremely tough battle and a place to express yourself by surviving as long as possible against the incoming waves of assassins and infidels. Fight mercilessly with cold-blooded killers to improve your fighting ability and, at the same time, adapt to the harshness of the difficult road ahead. Collect precious metals so you become stronger over time. Learn ultimate fighting skills and become a swordsman with limitless fighting abilities. Please pay attention to your health and avoid letting it deplete while using buffs at the right time.

It would be best to fight decisively and without hesitation because your enemy will not be merciful. Besides, you must also see the situation and make decisions quickly before being engulfed by a sea of people. Be the one to send them off to the next world with your sword and weapons, or the opposite will happen. Enemies will rush to attack your city, and you will be alone to defend your homeland. Putting quality over quantity is the only principle you can apply to the game when turning yourself into a powerful weapon is the way to win.

Samurai Survivor mod apk free min

Download Samurai Survivor MOD APK – Defend Japanese cities from terrifying invaders

The samurai of the land of the rising sun have always been known as this country’s highly elite and fearsome warrior force as they fought with courageous samurai spirit. Besides, ninjas are a force of assassins who constantly operate in the dark on assassination missions. They seem to be two opposing schools of fighting as samurai warriors will fight extremely heroically while ninjas will use various weapons and defy tricks to win. In the game, you will control the samurai to confront the ninjas but be a warrior against many ninjas coming and invading the city and the underground forces.

Samurai Survivor mod free min

Lone hero

You are a fearless warrior who consistently triumphs in significant battles. However, you will have to confront many well-trained professional assassins and be sent to cities with few people living to assassinate people. Use sharp sword energy to slash enemies before they get close to you. You will have a health bar for yourself; when the enemy destroys you, they will destroy the cities. In addition, you will also receive countless bonuses to upgrade special skills when levelling up. Even though you are stronger than your enemy, relying only on regular attacks will make winning extremely difficult.

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Hostile forces

Sent by evil leaders, they are incredibly numerous, and each is extremely dangerous. Although these assassins will not be able to defeat you in a 1v1 match, playing in a board game is their favourite forte. The enemies will have an apparent power hierarchy: the most significant number will be the weakest, the larger ones with special abilities will appear less often, and the bosses are the rarest with super terrible powers. It would be best if you fought selectively so as not to lose to avoid losing, unfortunately. In addition, you also need to avoid attacks from enemies because they are extremely dangerous.

Samurai Survivor free min

Protect yourself and the city

Your health bar is essential, and it will determine your life. Be careful not to let it drop too quickly, or you will be destroyed, and once that happens, the city will suffer the same fate. Therefore, you should upgrade your skills and use them appropriately so they cannot reach you. In addition, don’t forget to boost your health bar to strengthen yourself. Knowing how to balance attack and defence is a great way to survive.

Samurai Survivor mod min


Although you will be assertive when you have the skills and know how to use the hero in tough matches, sometimes the help that appears on the battlefield will be your lifesaver. Move into the bomb and explode those around you with significant damage or absorb bonuses to make you richer. Fight hard to protect the city in Samurai Survivor MOD APK.

How to Download & Install Samurai Survivor MOD APK (Menu/Damage/Defense Multiplier) for Android


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