GiantN MOD APK 1.0.1 (Menu, Onehit/Disable attacks)

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NameGiantN APK
PublisherSingta Inc.
CategoryRole Playing
MOD FeaturesMenu, Onehit/Disable attacks
SupportAndroid 5.0+
Get it onGoogle Play
MOD Infomation

1. Menu
2. One Hit Kill
3. Disabled Normal Attack
Use the Skill From the first Unit “Wizard” on Battlestart and you win instantly

Use your giants to explore a whole new world in GiantN. An extraordinary world with strange phenomena requires you to collect giants. Explore the world non-stop, gather resources and renew forces. Conquer the world by leading your beasts through a single map full of ghosts. Unlock your castle, activate resources and mine them. Step by step upgrades and gather resources to increase your strength. Self-directed the way that people develop, try to establish yourself. Gather resources and powerful giants. Successfully explore the world of giants.

Start as a beginner mission without difficulty, take the giants to explore new lands. Get giants and diverse resources after each victory. Use resources to upgrade the hero’s strength successfully. Equip items that increase their abilities. Giants can be leveled up and unlock skills when they reach a power limit. Don’t hesitate to upgrade because it affects your world exploration progress. The fighting and gathering of monster resources will happen automatically if you want. The function helps those who automatically gain strength for a certain period of time. Explore the giants by yourself.

GiantN android

Download GiantN mod – Explore new lands

Immerse yourself in a world where so many wonderful things have yet to be discovered. Here, your task is to expand your squad of giants. Drive them forward with you, learning new things ahead. You’ll gain new giants, items, and resources that work wonders there. Equip them for your giants, serving your purpose of strengthening. You can develop your power when you reach a specific strength by entering another part of this world. Prove your outstanding land clearing abilities by leading the giants of this world.

GiantN mod apk

Powerful giants

Without the force, your exploration will not be practical and may even fail. So you will have the opportunity to find helpers with extraordinary powers. Those are giant names. Giants with outstanding strength can assist you in exploring the world. However, you can only take them with you when you defeat them. Use your talent and wits in combat, finding ways to take down the giants. Add them to the list of people who help you explore the world. Meeting them is a rare opportunity, but whether you can take advantage of that moment or not depends on your choice.

GiantN free

Flexible combat

Your world exploration progress depends on the strength of the giant squad. Try to build the strongest squad to be able to overwhelm the obstacles throughout the journey of discovery. To do this, you have to find even stronger giants. You can find huge giants dotting the levels with the search engine. Use your squad to surround the giants, subdue them and make them part of your squad. During the search, you will receive random resources that are worth it. Fight to tame the giants and gather the resources of this world.

GiantN apk

Unlimited resources

You will open up your development area in addition to receiving resources in combat. In that resource-rich place, the mines for mining will operate continuously. Develop and upgrade mines so that the mines generate more resources. The higher the development level of those areas, the more resources you get. Besides, these mines can face the risk of attack and damage. So choose the most reliable giants to look after your mines. Use your resources, build a separate zone. Build and develop a castle with your development resources.

GiantN mod

Unspoiled areas in the GiantN world are waiting for you to explore ahead. Roam around areas with special elements, build the strongest squad of giants. Lead that squad through the difficult stages of the world, finding resources and equipment. Upgrade the giants to the strongest in the world. Develop an area dedicated to developing your resources. Become the richest by exploiting endless resources. Download GiantN mod to successfully explore the world with unlimited resources and lead the giants.

Download GiantN MOD APK (Menu, Onehit/Disable attacks) for Android

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