Super Zombies MOD APK (Menu/Attack speed/Crit Dmg Multiplier/Dumb enemy) 1.5.10

Updated 11/04/2024 (4 days ago)
NameSuper Zombies APK
CategoryRole Playing
MOD FeaturesMenu/Attack speed/Crit Dmg Multiplier/Dumb enemy
SupportAndroid 5.0+
Get it onGoogle Play
Super Zombies MOD APK detail?


  1. Attack Speed Multiplier
  2. Crit Dmg Multiplier
  3. Always Crit
  4. Dumb Enemy
  5. Faster Move Speed

Introduce MOD APK Super Zombies

Super Zombies MOD APK (Menu/Attack speed/Crit Dmg Multiplier/Dumb enemy) challenges your survival ability as you fight against waves of brutal zombies. You will enter a world engulfed in disaster since the appearance of human enemies. They are brutal zombies and have destroyed almost all life that has ever existed. But you are lucky to be alive, and your responsibility now is to protect the world. So you will have to prepare yourself to face many dangers when fighting. And to ensure humanity’s hope of survival, you need to find and gather the remaining people. Get ready for combat journeys in the world when the zombie disaster destroys every land.

Your mission is to command a powerful army to fight different challenges in Super Zombies. Then, you will encounter many dangers that can quickly destroy you. And the enemies you need to confront in combat missions are zombie enemies. They appeared when the virus spread worldwide; now, every region has been destroyed. People only know how to run away and survive the fierce pursuit of zombies. So, you must stand up and fight to end the disaster that continues to destroy the world. Start the battles against the waves of zombies that are invading each land.

Super Zombies mod

Download Super Zombies APK mod – Fight to destroy zombies for the life of the entire planet

You will become the hope of the world as you participate in challenging combat missions. That’s when you bravely stand up to lead the survivors against brutal enemies. They are evil zombies and have destroyed almost all life in the world. However, hope remains, and many lucky people survive their hunts. So it would be best if you became the leader leading brave warriors to participate in challenges. With your leadership talent, you will protect the lives of humanity while destroying zombies—rescue victims from waves of zombies with your brave fighting spirit.

Super Zombies apk

Command the survival force

The lucky people still alive in the world will accompany you in battles. There, the enemies you need to destroy are bloodthirsty zombies who want to tear apart life. So it would be best if you formed a fighting army to be able to fight danger together. And when you enter this world, you will receive rewards for your courage. Then, you will receive many support items every week if you maintain your fighting spirit. They will help you build a base as well as gain resources to prepare for the challenges ahead. Participate in dangerous battles to kill zombies in Super Zombies APK.

Super Zombies mod apk

Strength growth

You will get a lot of resources when you start your brave fighting journeys in Super Zombies APK 1.5.10. They are support items for courageous people who dare to stand up to stop zombies. So, you can initially experience dangerous battles and get used to fighting. However, more and more zombies will appear over time and threaten your safety. To fight them, you need to develop a fighting squad to conquer the most difficult levels. When you reach peak power, you can join them in challenging new modes. Enhance the fighting ability of the survivors in the team of brave warriors.

Super Zombies free

Conquer all challenges

Your goal when fighting against dangers is to bring peace to the world Super Zombies MOD APK. And to win challenging battles, you need to destroy all zombies. With your control talent, you will join the world’s team of heroes to overcome all levels. However, the world also has other brave troops participating in the fight. So it would be best if you competed with them in attractive but challenging PvP modes. There, it would be best if you devised strategies to overcome every opponent you face. Challenge the highest levels of combat and conquer the pinnacle of power with your team of warriors.

Super Zombies android

You will lead a team of lucky survivors of a fighting zombie disaster. Your goal is to preserve the peace of humanity by destroying waves of zombies. So, you will combine with your fighting force to challenge challenging levels. In the process, you will continuously destroy them and collect resources to level up your power. This is the condition for you to face dangerous combat levels when fighting against bosses. To conquer all the challenges, you need to overcome other opponents in PvP mode. Download Super Zombies MOD APK to command your brave army against zombies.

How to Download & Install Super Zombies MOD APK (Menu/Attack speed/Crit Dmg Multiplier/Dumb enemy) for Android


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