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It is the fourth installment in the hit action role-playing game series Final Fantasy. Final Fantasy IV has been out for a long time, 1991 to be exact. Has been ported to many different platforms because of its popularity. At that time, the game was almost a global craze with millions of copies sold. Although not too prominent in the list of all parts. Final Fantasy IV certainly deserves to be a foundation for the development of later sequels. At the same time bring a plot with a lot of details and widely exploited characters.

In this 4th part, players will see many obvious changes compared to the first 3 parts. If you have a chance to play the previous 3. You will feel the obvious difference that has been changed by the publisher. To make the player experience as complete as possible. There are a lot of new additions added. Along with the plot although not related to the previous parts. But still carries an exciting atmosphere of action and adventure.

FinalFantasy4 mod mod

Download Final Fantasy IV mod – Protect the world from evil witches

The plot of Final Fantasy IV revolves around the knight Cecil Harvey. Nicknamed the famous Dark Knight, with the mission to destroy the evil witch Golbez. A man blind for power has plotted to steal the crystals of power. To possess the power to rule the whole world. Because he has extraordinary strength, he has caused many difficulties for our knight. But with the companionship of strong comrades. You will help him defeat the evil Golbez. Bringing peace and tranquility to the world. That is the whole content of this fourth part.

Players will control up to 5 characters. Explore the lands and defeat the monsters that stand in your way. The Active Time Battle system inherently associated with the Final Fantasy series. The characters will attack and fight on their turn. Use tactics to defeat enemies and complete missions. At the same time, players can change the character’s profession right in the middle of the match. Bring in many advantages and strategies to easily win. In this Mobile version, there has been a huge improvement in graphics from 8bit to 3D. Very suitable for young gamers to experience.

FinalFantasy4 mod

Main characters

The main character of Final Fantasy IV is Cecil Harvey, the dark knight we talked about. In the world of this part 4, we will accompany a lot of friends inside and outside the territory to live. The first is definitely Kain Highwind – commander of the dragon knights, Cecil’s best friend. Possesses incredible dragon power. Next is Rosa Farrell, a white witch, and archer possessing powerful magic. At the same time she is Cecil’s lover. Along with many other characters you will meet on your journey through different lands. They all have special powers that you can all absorb. Learn to fight and coordinate characters together.

FinalFantasy4 mod apk

Adventure through dungeons and challenges

An adventure spanning different lands. From the fog village, the Damcyan kingdom, the magical village of Mysidia, and dozens of other locations. They are very large and have a certain size and population density. Especially in remote areas, there are many dungeons or wandering monsters. Sometimes you will be given the task of destroying them to receive rewards. Follow the storyline or just do simple side quests. Most of them carry an important message or clue in the journey to destroy Golbaz. You will collect may or may not be the necessary puzzle pieces. In general, the world in Final Fantasy IV is very large and diverse.

Kill the boss of the game

The main antagonist in Final Fantasy IV is Zemus. A creature of a strange race. With the desire to destroy all human beings in the world. Let his race live on Earth comfortably and without stealth. It was he who controlled the mind of Golbez, the dark sorcerer intent on destroying the entire world. Control Kain with spiritual power to activate the giant Babil to serve the ambition to take over the entire earth. You will have to confront him to defeat the evil villain’s plot. This is a very difficult battle and requires many skills and tactics to win.

FinalFantasy4 mod apk free

Everything that has been said in this article is not intended to reveal the content to you. There are still a lot of interesting details that can only be felt by playing the game. Are you ready for a war to protect the world? Together with strong teammates and bring miracles to humanity yet. Download Final Fantasy IV mod now to unleash fighting anytime you like.

How to Download & Install FINAL FANTASY IV MOD APK (Unlimited money) for Android


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