Beast Quest MOD APK (Unlimited money, potions/Dumb enemy) 1.0.6

Updated 21/08/2021 (3 years ago)
NameBeast Quest APK
PublisherAnimoca Brands
CategoryRole Playing
MOD FeaturesUnlimited money, potions/Dumb enemy
SupportAndroid 4.1+
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Introduce MOD APK Beast Quest

The peace of the world is being threatened by monsters of legend. In the name of Beast Quest’s only warrior, will you agree to stand up against them to protect the world in the game? If you accept, then follow this article. We will go through a lot of different lands. Fight all the monsters out there to free the world from freedom. Perform supernatural tasks most interestingly and magically. You will need some time to get used to this heroic work. Just prepare a favorite smartphone and start fighting right away.

Beast Quest is an open-world 3D action game where you will become a true hero. Fully equipped with weapons to hit the road to fight the most dangerous forces. No wonder this game is judged by its difficulty and impressive gameplay design. Play as the world’s only hero. Will you fight or be quickly defeated by the evil power? Let’s see how far we can go in this mystical world.

Beast Quest mod

Download Beast Quest mod – A unique journey to destroy evil

In the wonderful land of Avantia, all people live happily and happily together. Originally a place famous for magic and mystical things. One day a self-proclaimed evil witch used spells. Give life to many different monsters. Since then, an earth-shattering battle broke out between humans and those monsters. Including you as a hero on the human side. You will do whatever you can to help fight the invasion from many evil forces. Stand up and fight to repel all monsters.

The game will be designed in a horizontal format that is almost the standard of all role-playing games. There you will move with the virtual keys on the screen. Explore the vast world and do whatever a hero needs to do. You will be given a lot of tasks around fighting and exploring the world in Beast Quest. Of course, encountering monsters will be the main and most frequently performed activity. Get ready to start the life of a real hero.

Beast Quest mod free

Get used to the fighting style

The way you fight in Beast Quest will be very different from many games of the same genre. We will still combine buttons to create enemy attacks. But each battle with monsters is individual and not in groups. You will attack with monsters one by one to defeat them gradually. Each monster will have its own health bar, and so will you. When the health bar runs out, it is considered dead and destroyed. Carefully learn each monster to fight them effectively. Giant wolves or Yeti won’t forgive you once you attack them. Please take advantage of their special attacks to dodge and deal more damage.

Beast Quest mod apk

Develop many powerful weapons

The more the journey goes to the climax, the stronger the monster will be. They will be strongest in the late game, and you have to confront them all to complete this game. The most important thing you need to do is collect weapons to strengthen the hero: swords, shields, armor, shoes with all kinds of necessary stats. Something used to increase damage. The rest increase durability or movement speed. Don’t underestimate them because they are very beneficial in battles. With just a little advantage and certain skills, you can defeat any monster. Remember to earn resources to upgrade weapons regularly.

Beast Quest mod apk free

Endless vast world

The world-scale is not limited at all. The game lets you comfortably move anywhere in the fastest way. It is possible to find the secret locations of giant bosses. Find lots of interesting items or easter eggs by accident. That vastness is also shown by the diversity of many species of organisms. The villages are spread out everywhere, the scenery and the people are extremely peaceful. Combined, those things will make you want to play the game so much that you don’t want to stop.

Beast Quest free

The development of the world gaming industry has had impressive results. Proof of that is a lot of quality action games released. Beast Quest can be proudly named among them. Become a hero to protect the world from evil. Create a battlefield to finish once and for all in Beast Quest mod.

How to Download & Install Beast Quest MOD APK (Unlimited money, potions/Dumb enemy) for Android


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