Ghost Case MOD APK (Unlimited Hints) 1.0.52

Updated on 06/03/2023 (2 weeks ago)
NameGhost Case APK
PublisherDark Dome
MOD FeaturesUnlimited Hints
SupportAndroid 4.4+
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Do you love detective movies or comics? There are strange and mysterious cases that cannot be solved after decades. Do you want to try your hand at analyzing and finding criminals? Ghost Case brings you a weird point for nearly twenty years in a strange town. Use your logical thinking to explore and discover the culprit. Are you afraid of the dangers of this case? Otherwise, the city in Ghost Case has been open for a long time. The point that seemed to have been forgotten now has a chance to unravel. Help the victim get justice!

Hidden town has a mysterious and creepy look right from its name. Twenty years ago, this town had a horrific murder. But the perpetrator has not been caught so far, which is very confusing to the people. Talented detective Ren Larsen one day accidentally received a strange message. The message did not seem to be ordinary but from the world of wandering spirits. The victim expressed disapproval and prompted the detective to start investigating again. The type of crime-solving that Ghost Case brings is through challenging puzzles for you to find clues. You can get the necessary details of this murder by solving puzzles very quickly.

Ghost Case mod

Download Ghost Case – Solve unique cases with puzzles

You and detective Ren Larsen will now rediscover the story that happened in Hidden Town 20 years ago. The unique thing about solving puzzles only available in Ghost Case is finding information through mazes. You will step through many different dimensions of the case. What to do in addition to observing suspicious circumstances, you also have to solve puzzles quickly. Detective skills and analytical ability alone will not be enough to solve a crime. Please take advantage of the level of intelligence that you and detective Ren Larsen possess to deal with it quickly. The case will soon be solved transparently, thanks to your analysis!

Ghost Case mod apk

Investigative ability challenge

The cold space that has witnessed a murder will make anyone who comes to feel panic. You have the task of solving the given situational puzzles. Each time the mystery is successful, you will be given more information to benefit you. You will use every skill a detective possesses. Observation and analysis of each thing are never superfluous for the solver. Will you still be able to find the light of what happened 20 years ago just through the victim’s frustrated message? Don’t overlook any bed, desk, or window sill detail. Their existence in every position has a reason. Solve the case with a puzzle that seems easy but will also make you sweat a lot!

Ghost Case apk

Simple operation to solve the case

Keep a close eye on the subjects you suspect. You can touch these characters to get puzzles. A series of tough questions were raised related to that object. You have to think fast and look closely to find the answer. The answers you find lead to suggestions around the case. Whether the thing is related or not will have the solution after you solve the puzzle. In addition to direct contact with the object in the town, you also have to find a way to collect more support tools. Go to more places to buy items. The book, the letter, the map, the arrow, etc., are all valuable details for you. Don’t pass up any things you find. Applying that combination of tools helps you and detective Ren Larsen quickly find the culprit.

Ghost Case apk free

Beautiful scene

Ghost Case attracts players not only by its compelling storyline but also by its highly eye-catching interface. Covering the Ghost Case is a cold, lonely, and somewhat creepy color. The objects with bold shapes and colors in the rooms also exude a mysterious look. They can boost your crime-solving spirit. The weird and suspenseful musical melody also gives you a highly thrilling crime-solving experience. You could have played the detective easily and couldn’t be more genuine—your chance to test your case-solving skills and solve super-difficult puzzles. Prepare a sober spirit and patient will to solve the case with Detective Ren quickly!

Ghost Case android

A game with a mysterious plot combined with a challenging puzzle challenge. The 20-year case in the small town has been waiting for your arrival for quite a while. Dare to challenge yourself to solve puzzles and find excellent case details. Download Ghost Case mod to enter the world of challenging puzzles and quickly solve cases.

Download Ghost Case MOD APK (Unlimited Hints) for Android

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