Do Not Feed The Monkeys APK 1.0.67

Updated 18/07/2023 (9 months ago)
NameDo Not Feed The Monkeys APK
PublisherAlawar Entertainment, Inc.
MOD FeaturesN/A
SupportAndroid 5.0+
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Introduce MOD APK Do Not Feed The Monkeys

Do Not Feed The Monkeys MOD APK allows you to make decisions related to human life. You will be involved in the experience of tracking others through a mysterious camera. They are everywhere, and you can use these cameras to watch people. And you can see the activity of the people you want to follow and discover them. After capturing their secrets through the camera, you will also be allowed to interact with them. So this will be your chance to experience the feeling of following people without being detected. Discover a unique simulator where you can monitor the person you desire.

You will be tasked with observing strangers using the provided monitoring devices. They are cameras; from there, you can monitor every action they take. This could be seen as an invasion of privacy, but you wouldn’t mind. You want to track every moment, even the most private actions of people. However, you will be banned from interacting with them and severely punished if you violate them. So you must follow all the rules when you start your journey to track people. Experience the mystical feeling of being the master of the actions of others.

Do Not Feed The Monkeys android

Download Do Not Feed The Monkeys MOD APK – Monitor people through camera frames

Being a supervisor is illegal, and not everyone can do it. But you are challenged with the task of tracking everyone with cameras. So you will be involved in the experience of operating digital machines. They will show the people you want to follow along with their actions. But what you are forbidden to do is not interact with them, even the slightest action. And if you dare to violate, you cannot imagine what you will be punished for. Follow people’s private lives through the camera frames you are provided with.

Do Not Feed The Monkeys mod

Become a supervisor

You will join a particular club with the task of tracking primates and but appearing before your eyes are active people shaped like you. And they don’t know cameras are watching their actions. You are continuing your observation mission, and this activity occurs in the dark. So they are constantly monitored without thinking that their privacy is being violated. But when you become a supervisor, you need to obey the rules of this mystical organization. Join the shadow organization and start the surveillance action in Do Not Feed The Monkeys MOD APK.

Do Not Feed The Monkeys apk

Discover the secrets that are being watched

The subjects that you monitor the activities with the camera are people called primates. They also look like you, but their every move has been recorded for you to observe. And you could start invading the privacy of the people you follow. They won’t know they’ve been compromised and still do what they usually do. So you can learn about even their most secretive actions. And you will be satisfied when every second, every minute, watching the whole action through the camera. Find out the secrets of the people you use secret cameras to observe day by day.

Do Not Feed The Monkeys free

Rules to be obeyed

You have invaded the privacy of others by participating in a mystical organization. This place allows you to track anyone through the screen of mysterious cameras. You can observe their every move, including the most secret activities. Knowing these things, you can come up with ideas like blackmailing them. But it would be best to consider the consequences when performing actions that the mystical organization strictly forbids. And you are prohibited from using any form of communication or interference with the person you are following. Remember, the ultimate rule when you join an organization that tracks people is not to interact.

Do Not Feed The Monkeys mod apk

Spying on others is a severe invasion of privacy and is being condemned. So it would be best to be careful every step of the way when joining a completely mystical organization. Here you can use the camera to track everyone’s actions and uncover the ultimate secrets. And when you become a supervisor, you must follow the rules that no one dares to break. It would be best to remember the principle of not interacting but only being followed, nothing more. And when you follow the proper rules, you will be further along in your journey to follow others. Download Do Not Feed The Monkeys MOD APK to experience the hours of observing people.

How to Download & Install Do Not Feed The Monkeys APK for Android


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