Treasure of the sea MOD APK 1.0.2 (Menu, Damage, Defense multipliers)

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NameTreasure of the sea APK
PublisherLam Wai Keung
MOD FeaturesMenu, Damage, Defense multipliers
SupportAndroid 5.0+
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Join the journey of searching for ocean treasures with the characters from a gem of the sea. Adventure across all seas and discover the inherent beauty deep in the azure waters. But behind that beauty is still the mystery of the treasure passed down through generations. You will now lead the opportunity to find treasures in the journeys of the sea. The characters will adventure with you to the land famous for its gems and find them. The waters are still waiting for your adventure to arrive with clues about the treasure. So start your sea voyage with the characters and find treasures on the ocean floor.

You will now control the adventurous adventure of One Piece and friends. The whole gang will now follow your path across the sea, searching for treasures. Your favorite characters will be transformed by you and join hands as teammates. Assemble a team of monstrous pirates with different abilities and combat experience. Each battle between the seas will help you receive the rewards of winning the pirates. Quickly eliminate bandits who share your goals and advance to the treasure you need. The power of the sea heroes you control must be developed to win.

Treasure of the sea android

Download Treasure of the sea mod – Join the treasure hunt on the seas

The sea has always been everyone’s dream to explore with unknown mysteries. These are sandy areas that humans have not reached, and boats have not yet passed. The ocean wears those mysteries and is waiting for people like you to come and find out. It would help if you had a team of passionate treasure seekers to start the journey. Each battle with the pirates will attract you to participate in exciting new fighting. Experience adventures with each challenge where the sea is full of mysteries. According to treasure rumors, the incident assembled a party searching for the most valuable treasures.

Treasure of the sea mod

One-piece characters

You and complete as a team can now collect each character you’re familiar with. You can manage all those characters most comfortably and complete the squad. It could be Luffy with his rubber ability to fight flexibly. Or villains can also join your battle, as long as they are helpful. Each person’s strength is also different, and the fighting ability in their team is also unique. You need to consider this factor in deciding whether or not you will win matches. Gain experience to understand the characters better and form the strongest team through battles with pirates by the sea.

Treasure of the sea apk

Sea adventure

Heroes in One Piece can now be summoned to the treasure’s call. They will accompany you on adventures in places that are considered treasures and accompany you in battles. The experience that you and the heroes join will be divided into chapters. Each chapter is an opportunity for your expedition team to conquer quests and enemies. Customize your character formation and calculate intense skill matches. Each skill that One Piece hero will help you finish all opponents and treasure. Use the squad you have and conquer each treasure in different seas in the game’s chapters.

Treasure of the sea free

Treasure in the blue sea

The blue sea is always full of mysteries with legends of ancient shipwrecks. On the ships are treasures that have been sunk by the sea and have yet to be discovered. You are one of the treasure hunters; this is where your journey begins. Each mode completion rewards a different value that will be unlocked. It’s part of the treasure, and when you complete all the modes, you also get them. The heroes of your One-Piece team will also be unlocked or powered up from there. Finally, lead the treasure search team into the vast blue sea and find your rewards.

Treasure of the sea mod apk

The desire to explore the sea becomes a reality when you join the game. Those treasures are said to have sunk deep under the sea with enormous value over time. Your journey will not be alone when you can accompany One Piece heroes. They will help you learn the secrets of this ocean and collect all the treasures of the sea. The characters will accompany you to overcome the pirates that hinder the journey to find the treasure. Pay them with upgrades and find them the best teammates. Download Treasure of the sea mod to reveal the secret of treasure rumors in the blue sea.

Download Treasure of the sea MOD APK (Menu, Damage, Defense multipliers) for Android

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