Galaxy Invaders: Alien Shooter MOD APK (Unlimited money, cards) 2.9.30

Updated on 17/01/2023 (3 weeks ago)
NameGalaxy Invaders: Alien Shooter APK
PublisherOneSoft Global PTE. LTD.
MOD FeaturesUnlimited money, cards
SupportAndroid 4.4+
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The universe has always been one of the mysteries that scientists cannot explain. And no matter how advanced the development. Perhaps in a long time, it will be possible to reveal a few more things about the vast universe. So until scientists find out many things. We can experience the perspectives and opinions of many people about the universe through many different games based on that theme. Typical is the Galaxy Invaders: Alien Shooter. A game set in the future universe.

Galaxy Invaders: Alien Shooter at first glance can many people feel quite familiar. Exactly it was inspired by the legendary Chicken Invaders series of chicken shooting games from the previous decade. The familiar chicken’s image is now represented by warships with familiar gameplay. There is almost no need for instructions when playing. However for those who have not tried any of these games yet. I will go into more detail so that you may be interested in understanding. The action scenes are always fully exploited, Final Destiny, Exile Survival is worth playing.

Galaxy Invaders mod

Download Galaxy Invaders: Alien Shooter mod – Shoot chicken in a different way

In the age of the unspecified future. Namely in-game timelines. When human science and technology progress has reached a whole new level. At this point, space and time-space travel is no longer impossible. Humans have discovered many interesting things in this vast universe. Comes with a new danger that awaits mankind. A strange species came from another dimension with the intention of invading the Milky Way – the habitat of the Earth. Threats to human survival. As an elite fighter pilot, you begin your journey to protect humanity from the dark forces.

The gameplay of Galaxy Invaders: Alien Shooter is quite similar to other monster spaceship shooting games. Typically Chicken Invaders was too famous mentioned above. Players will control a combat spaceship with a single finger. Confronted with enemy attacks. Use your fingers to move the spacecraft, dodge the enemy’s projectiles, fire to destroy each name. Giant boss battles and many other forces. During combat, the spacecraft technology can be upgraded to make it easier to deal with enemies.

Galaxy Invaders mod apk

Enemies are diverse and unpredictable

The guys we face-off are a special species from another parallel dimension. With great numbers and intelligence that cannot be underestimated. They are a formidable challenge for players to fight alone. Despite the overwhelming number, we have the advantage of being equipped and upgraded with state-of-the-art weapons. Compensate enemies in large numbers, divided into many ranks. With increasing power, all of them can finish you off with just one shot. And yet, they also have unique lineup arrangements. Confusing and distracting players if not careful. They are an integral part of the game.

Galaxy Invaders mod free

Worthwhile upgrades for the fighter

Dealing with such raging monsters alone was definitely not a simple thing. Your pilot and fighter will be equipped with a multitude of elements necessary to last through the battle. These include pilot upgrade cards, weapon systems, and spacecraft engines. Upgrade all of them with the money earned through each level. Try to survive and oppose the dense enemy.

Many events are often interesting

The most basic model is the story mode. There are 150 levels and the difficulty spreads out steadily for you to challenge yourself. Most of them are quite simple so that you get a lot of engines and weapons. Become stronger for the following battles. In addition, it can be changed to a more difficult level if over 40 levels have been passed. Much more is the free-to-play mode, like an endless running game. Play until you lose a new life because the number of stages is infinite. There are also modes according to annual events such as Halloween, Christmas… Appear at the right time of the event for you to freely explore and experience.

Galaxy Invaders free

Meet real players

Although there are quite a few events, all of them are offline events. If you want to experience an online mode you can look to PvP. Where you will deal with real players. However, you will not fight each other. Instead, it will compete against the enemy. Whoever sacrifices first and fastest will be the loser. In addition to being paraded, the winner can be named on the huge charts that are extremely competitive.

Galaxy Invaders mod mod

Are you passionate about space science topics? Wishing you would also become a cosmic explorer, exploring everywhere and destroying the enemy? Then let Galaxy Invaders: Alien Shooter help you. With an attractive and completely novel cosmic theme. You will become a hero that saves humanity from destruction by unknown hostile forces. Download now Galaxy Invaders: Alien Shooter mod to shoot down invaders and protect the Earth.

Download Galaxy Invaders: Alien Shooter MOD APK (Unlimited money, cards) for Android

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