Cat Killer MOD APK (Menu, God mode, onehit, unlimited stamina) 6.0

Updated on 14/11/2022 (3 months ago)
NameCat Killer APK
PublisherColorBlox Studio
MOD FeaturesMenu, God mode, onehit, unlimited stamina
SupportAndroid 4.4+
Get it onGoogle Play
Cat Killer MOD APK Infomation

[ Player Menu ]

  • -> Godmode / Unlimited Stamina
  • -> One Shot Kill (Gun)
  • -> Unlimited Ammo
  • -> Shoot Two Bullets
  • -> Rapid Fire
  • -> Fast Bullet Speed
  • -> Add Diamonds (In Game)

The pets around you always have a charming appearance that everyone loves. But what if they have some invasion plot in mind? Let the Cat Killer show you a more profound vision of this doomsday disaster. Transform into an assassin with unmatched combat skills. Destroy all invaders to protect the peace of this world. Show all humans the dangers to avoid.

Action and adventure are what Cat Killer will bring to its players. Extremely engaging battles with great combat animations will not let you down. The combat system is exceptionally dynamic yet straightforward to approach. Give players a comfortable feeling of being able to control everything by themselves. To be able to master everything, you must constantly learn and find new directions. Challenges will bring you to the limit of your skills.

Cat Killer mod

Download Cat Killer mod – Destroy all enemies in the world

As a character named Kay, he accidentally created disaster when he awakened an ancient god. This is someone who likes to send cats to the human world to invade it. Kay decided to correct her mistake by destroying all of those troops. But with such a large number, it isn’t easy to do so. You will have to help him overcome those significant challenges and destroy the other god to get the victory. Use punching, kicking, or slashing techniques to knock down enemies in front of you. Be careful because they can attack you at any time if you’re not paying attention. Win to get what you deserve.

You can combine moves to form combos more flexibly. From spinning, kicking, stabbing, or slashing to make enemies unstoppable. From there, attack more effectively and complete all your levels quickly.

Cat Killer mod free

Meet the crazy

Participating in this war will be many mighty warriors from all over the world. They were called madmen because of their terrible fighting skills. From there overwhelm his opponents with great techniques that no one can match. Silent ninja, weapon master or rebel, all pose a threat to invaders. Try to control all of these characters to find out their outstanding characteristics. Hundreds of unique combat skills can be used in combat. Create your amazing combos to finish the target quickly. Show your enemies the power of these madmen.

Character customization

You can make some changes to make your character stronger. The first is to upgrade their skills to make them more effective. Increased damage dealt with enemies quickly. Next is to find robust equipment to maximize the basic stats of these people. You can look in the style section to better understand their gameplay. Also, please take advantage of it to maximize the power-building effect. Find all the necessary things and help your character become even more vital. They will bring you to the pinnacle of this unequal battle.

Cat Killer mod apk

Colorful world

Based on the plot, you will have to move to many different places to complete your mission. Here you will meet people who have an essential role in guiding you and follow those instructions to complete the tasks you have received. Each assignment will have a reward level following your efforts. Encounter hundreds of different enemies with extremely annoying fighting abilities, and they can make you sweat when confronting essential battles. Feel the difference between each place you’ve been to and discover the great things there.

Cat Killer mod android

Scary bosses

Do you feel that ordinary minions are too easy to destroy? Then face the dangerous bosses who command the invaders now. They will show you the horror of your outstanding abilities. The moves they use can knock you down quickly. The overwhelming amount of HP and damage will be a big concern, making it difficult for you to destroy them. Build your strength equal or even better than them. Practice fighting techniques so that you don’t become sluggish in the face of fearsome attacks. A lot of valuable rewards will drop when these guys fall.

Download Cat Killer MOD APK (Menu, God mode, onehit, unlimited stamina) for Android

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