Mr Autofire MOD APK 2.3.1 (Free shopping, onehit)

Updated on 27/01/2023 (2 days ago)
NameMr Autofire APK
PublisherLightheart Entertainment
MOD FeaturesFree shopping, onehit
SupportAndroid 5.0+
Get it onGoogle Play
MOD Infomation
  1. Unlimited money
  2. One hit kill
  3. Ads removed
  • V2:
  1. You can shop even if you don’t have enough money
  2. Unlimited energy;
  3. Ad loading is disabled.
  • V3: Onehit

Rarely is an adventure shooter game combined with reflex elements. Until recently with Mr Autofire, things have completely changed. Its odd appeal has made many people more interested in games that require reflexes. There have been some people who say that they are too difficult and not so interesting. But Mr Autofire immediately changed their mindset. If you’ve ever had such prejudices, you should download and give Mr. Autofire a try. Maybe it even makes you more addicted.

Mr Autofire is a game with a simple design, not too picky about character shaping and terrain. However, the beauty of the game lies in the movement and fighting mechanism of the main character. We will control the warrior skillfully. Dodge the dazzling dense projectiles and destroy all the evil aliens. They are holding an evil conspiracy and you will be the one to solve them. You can try action shooting action in Critical strike: Gun Strike Ops. Or the hunts in Hunting Simulator Game are also very impressive.

Mr Autofire mod

Download Mr Autofire mod – Show your skills to dodge and dodge quickly

Aliens are intending to invade our earth. With their special abilities and modern technology, they have created countless strange and very dangerous life forms. As an elite warrior. You will rush into their hideout, handle it all with your powerful guns. Break up their evil conspiracy and return safely. The plot is simple and not fussy. But in return is the very unique Gameplay system that I will talk about shortly.

Use only 1 Joystick to control the character’s movement. Add a button to jump on the opposite side. Your main mission is not to shoot all the enemies. It’s about dodging bullets fired from them. The game will aim and shoot for you, your only task is to run, jump and dodge in Mr Autofire. It sounds very simple, however as mentioned above. This is a game of reflexes, the difficulty will increase more and more. When on high levels, the projectile can be so thick that you cannot see the exit in them. But if you calm down, you will overcome everything to win.

Mr Autofire mod free

Choose your hero

There are many warriors to choose from to participate in this difficult mission. They will not possess special skills or effects that affect the level of the game. The characters will only change the appearance of the character, providing more color for the game. Mainly we will focus on the Gameplay of Mr Autofire. Because when you focus on dodging bullets, one thing to decorate your look is not so important anymore. But I still recommend some pretty outfits. Like Firegirl, Scientist or Dwarf is also very interesting.

Mr Autofire mod apk

Learn carefully about the equipment

The shots in Mr Autofire have a difference in strength and appearance. Although they do not play a very important role, but still a necessary element in the game. Used to damage and destroy numerous aliens. In each game screen, the gun will automatically aim to help you play easier. So a powerful gun is still very useful. It can deal strong damage and finish off enemies faster. At the same time take you out of dangerous situations when the enemy is too large in number.

Mr Autofire mod android

The boss fight mission

Get through the levels with small and medium monsters. Time to face the giant bosses of each stage. The boss will always be on a different level from his limbs. The massive body and more blood. Along with the ability to fire hundreds of rounds of bullets dozens of times thicker than normal levels. This will be a real challenge for those who want to challenge themselves with a dodging game. Move wisely to avoid the bullets being fired continuously. Damage the boss whenever possible. If you kill it, you will receive a nice surprise gift.

Mr Autofire mod apk free

Perhaps that much will give you an overview of Mr Autofire. A shooting game with a completely new style. You will be lucky if you are one of those who love the reflex challenge. Because the game is a challenge for you. If you have the opportunity, you should experience the game right now to understand its addictive appeal. And don’t just enjoy it alone. Invite more friends to join in the magic bullet dodge competition. Showcasing dozens of top-notch skills that will squint your friends. All challenges are waiting for you to come and conquer them. Download Mr Autofire mod to sign up for a spot now!

Download Mr Autofire MOD APK (Free shopping, onehit) for Android

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