Smashy Road: Arena MOD APK (Unlocked cars) 1.3.5

Updated on 30/10/2022 (8 months ago)
NameSmashy Road: Arena APK
PublisherBearbit Studios B.V.
MOD FeaturesUnlocked cars
SupportAndroid 4.1+
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Smashy Road: Arena is an action driving game where the player is in control of his car. A chaotic city, which chaos is caused by you. Around every corner, every corner, is the presence of security who want to arrest you. Nothing more, your mission is to drive your car to escape from the police car. Besides running away, in Smashy Road: Arena, you are not too weak. Along the way will appear many weapons you can pick up and attack against the police. The number of vehicles that want to catch you is increasing, more fierce, and the pressure is higher on you. Only you can save yourself.

Players will experience moments that are pursued in Smashy Road: Arena. Control the car left and right with two huge R and L buttons on the screen. Gamers can become skillful drivers, turning their cars into silk. Then steer it intelligently, wriggling through even the tiniest gaps. On the player’s run, there will be countless items, great items. Armed boxes with various weapons help the player to hinder the police car. There are also a lot of bonuses for gamers to accumulate and use to upgrade their cars. Play now Smashy Road: Arena to drive away from the police.

Smashy Road Arena mod

Download Smashy Road: Arena mod – Run away from the police force

Smashy Road: Arena offers a novel idea of turning players into driving criminals. An experience like the spoilers in famous racing movies like Fast and Furious. In the world of Fast and Furious, the characters will drive a fast car to escape from the police. Of course, no chase can be gentle, can help the driver melodious. Every moment of processing requires careful, thoughtful, and intelligent calculation. Drive so that you are not cornered by the police, and how to reach the weapon box as quickly as possible. Then there is the use of terrain and obstacles to block the way of security forces. That is your duty.

Smashy Road Arena apk

Drive the car smartly

Simple gameplay is the first thing that Smashy Road: Arena brings to players. Gamers only need simple operations to be able to control their car. The two sides of the screen will appear in two boxes, L and R, respectively, left and right. Players only need to press L to turn the car left and press R to let the car go right. About the car moving, don’t worry because the car’s engine always works until the car runs out of blood. Cars run at high speed, so be ready for drifts that can fool the police. When going through the weapon boxes, different types of weapons will appear randomly. Then the player chooses the target to attack as one of the police cars chasing him. Every time you are hit by a police car or a bullet, your health will be gradually reduced. To recover as well as increase your score, try to run for a long time.

Smashy Road Arena mod apk

Lots of vehicles

The game maker of Smashy Road: Arena has brought a total of 30 different vehicles to choose from. Each has its unique shape, size, running speed, and health stats. Let’s take a look at a few cars that you can own in the game. At the beginning of the game, you will immediately own a small car. This bike is very suitable for beginners because it has a small and light body. Thanks to this feature, the player will reduce the difficulty of running away from the police. Next are the dynamic cars of the sports car line. These cars can accelerate extremely fast and push very high. Players can enjoy this vehicle line to repel the cars blocking the way they are going. The pinnacle of this game is probably the military tanks. They possess a lot of health, high defense, and advanced weapons.

Smashy Road Arena android

Various weapons equipment

Along with those fast-paced boxcars, the game also has a lot of weapons. Gamers can pick up those weapons right on the terrain during the game. When going through the weapon box, the equipment will appear randomly. The player can receive a shield, which helps to dodge the damage of the stabbing from the police. Or it could also be an explosive block, helping to blow up the police car. Gamers can own a weapon called an airbag shrimp tank. This weapon can create an airbag under police cars, causing them to overturn. In addition, the weapon is a three-round magazine, which fires three bullets to explode the vehicle.

Smashy Road Arena apk free

An action racing game with straightforward car controls. Players can create turns and head-crosses beyond imagination. Download Smashy Road: Arena mod to control your beloved car, collect weapons on the road, and escape from the police lanes.

Download Smashy Road: Arena MOD APK (Unlocked cars) for Android

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