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Illegal work is sometimes the only way people can survive. You can comfortably do this in the Galaxy Genome, where space is vast and vast. Become the galaxy’s number one arms smuggler. Transporting high-value items to customers. Complete contracts to get huge profits. Escape from the scary dangers that are lurking. Everything has to be traded with certain difficulties.

If you are a lover of open-world games, then Galaxy Genome is a good choice. It gives you thousands of things to explore. Set in the future with a vast and amazing fantasy universe. The details are carefully constructed and make it special. Most of all, everything is connected smartly and randomly. It helps you never feel bored and duplicated during the experience.

Galaxy Genome mod

Download Galaxy Genome mod – Perform the most difficult missions

Sudden attacks are putting humanity in danger of extinction. The reasons behind this are still not clarified and resolved. As one of the daredevils and not afraid of death, you have to engage in non-transparent affairs. Specifically, here is the smuggling delivered by anonymous customers. Items such as weapons of war or secret technology are all taken care of by you. Deliver to required locations by crossing the galaxy. These must be careful with bandits or control teams. They can make your mission fail and lead to great consequences.

If you don’t follow the game’s story, you can choose the path you want. One is to become a merchant with jobs that make you rich. The second is to become a bandit specializing in hunting valuable ships. No matter which path you take, you will have to go through certain difficulties. Never give up on your goals regrettably.

Galaxy Genome mod download

Big open world

This is the feature that attracts players that Galaxy Genome owns for me. With more than two billion star systems, you can freely adventure in it. Explore planets with different shapes and conditions through spaceships. Encounter a lot of strange and special space creatures. They will give you valuable contracts that are hard to refuse. Would you please get to know the different space stations and see how they operate efficiently in space? Stay away from dangers like robbers, black holes, or the like. The dream of living in outer space has never been so simple.

Galaxy Genome mod apk

Improvements to the spaceship

After a period of use, your spaceship will become much less efficient than it needs to be. To overcome this drawback, upgrading will be the most optimal solution. There will be many different modules for you to consider and replace for the system. It is possible to increase the speed or flexible control of the spacecraft. The more you upgrade, the more maneuverable the spaceship becomes during control. Improved weapons also have more serious damage and easily destroy enemies. Depending on the goals, you can prioritize upgrading the things you want. Spend wisely to help yourself become stronger later.

Galaxy Genome mod android

Cargo robbery

As a space pirate, you will have a lot of things to do. The most typical here is hunting and robbing large merchant ships on their journey. It contains a lot of valuable assets such as components, money, or powerful weapons. To be able to organize the robbery effectively, you need to ambush and follow the target. Calculate their movement and execute the plan quickly. Each successful trip will bring you a huge fortune. It is possible to sell valuable things on the black market to make a lot of money for yourself. Don’t get caught and get caught in the top rule that you need to follow.

It’s not just looting and trading that brings you attractive benefits. The exploitation of resources is also a quite necessary thing for self-development. There will be material-rich planets you can discover using the system. Land and start the process of mining ore, energy rock, or whatever is beneficial. Once you have your produce, put it up for sale or create amazing things. Galaxy Genome mod will need your creativity and flexibility. The better the person, the richer and more powerful he becomes in this game.

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