Doors & Rooms: Perfect Escape MOD APK (Unlimited money, unlocked) 1.5.6

Updated 05/05/2022 (2 years ago)
NameDoors & Rooms: Perfect Escape APK
PublisherGameday Inc.
MOD FeaturesUnlimited money, unlocked
SupportAndroid 4.1+
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Introduce MOD APK Doors & Rooms: Perfect Escape

Only Doors & Rooms: Perfect Escape can help if you want to challenge your mind. Lost in a large house with many different mysterious rooms. What’s the easiest way to get out of there? Indeed you have to use your mind to know. Other parts of the house will contain suspicious items here. Need to decipher them and figure out how to connect these. That is our goal to become a promising detective in significant challenges.

Doors & Rooms: Perfect Escape is considered a highly engaging game, all thanks to the thinking on how to build levels in many unpredictable directions. It allows us to manipulate pre-arranged static images like detective stories widely sold in bookstores. We will be the main character and have to solve the problems we face on our own. Playing every day will also help our intelligence be trained more sharply. It is easy to do difficult things just by thinking.

Doors Rooms Perfect Escape mod

Download Doors & Rooms: Perfect Escape mod – Escape from mysterious rooms

Accepting a challenge from a stranger, you fainted when they knocked you down. Waking up in a secluded and high-security house, you need to find a way to escape. The rooms will be arranged in an interconnected fashion in this house. Those are also the levels you have to overcome to get what you need. There will be a door key in each room. Try to find it. After exiting the current space, you will be transferred to the next room. Try to notice and collect all possible items around you. It has a lot of significant effects that make us find the fastest way out.

Many strange places

As mentioned above, players will have to go through the rooms gradually to get the things they want. For example, we will have a bedroom, living room, kitchen, bathroom, laboratory, and basement. In addition, there are a few extra rooms with different purposes. You can see their layout like many real houses. There will be contexts that match the lifestyles of individuals. Very close and friendly to be able to relax and finish the game. Let’s explore the whole house to see what mysteries are hidden here. That could be something that takes you by surprise.

Doors Rooms Perfect Escape mod free

Objects around

Indeed it is impossible not to mention the objects that you will use to find a way to escape. They are the parts that we need to pay attention to be able to see. You will find these scattered all over the place, like in the cupboard, under the bed, or next to the potted plant. With just these standard tools, you can find other means. From there, it is possible to combine them and create new tools. It can take quite a while to get these things done. So you will have to do how to achieve the goals listed above in the list. So we can track down the clue to the tiny key with just a screwdriver.

Doors Rooms Perfect Escape mod apk

Beware of danger

There will be things that can be dangerous for you if you accidentally touch them at higher levels. For example, it could be chemicals, electrical lines, or sharp items lying on the ground. The important thing is that when we feel it, it will hurt and deduct one HP. Surely you will not want to lose when your HP returns to zero. So be very careful before deciding to touch something. Do not touch things that appear dangerous and untrustworthy on the surface. Some items may appear normal on the outside but are extremely scary on the inside. You can upgrade yourself for more HP against these.

Doors Rooms Perfect Escape mod android

Use hints

In case you encounter things that are too difficult, use help. The game will give you directions to any objects. Creates a convenient opportunity to complete your level faster. Avoid having to sit for hours and not be able to find a way to solve a puzzle. You can use this help whenever you feel you need it. It can be collected from the rewards that you receive to accumulate. However, we should not rely too much on help. It can make us gradually dependent and challenging to develop our understanding in Doors & Rooms: Perfect Escape mod.

How to Download & Install Doors & Rooms: Perfect Escape MOD APK (Unlimited money, unlocked) for Android


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