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Updated on 08/12/2022 (2 months ago)
Name60 Parsecs! APK
PublisherRobot Gentleman
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SupportAndroid 5.0+
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What would you bring if you only had 60 seconds to survive? It must be something very important, isn’t it? Let’s take a look at 60 Parsecs! What would you do in that emergency situation? Bring all the items that you consider most important. Survive in the spaceship in the vast universe. Sounds like a tragedy, right? Trust me, it’s not the worst. A good drama is still waiting for you in the back.

60 Parsecs! was created with a bold idea that is to push the player into the worst situation. From there will have to make important decisions to solve the problem. This game helps players see the importance of choices. Make them see what they need to improve on. A static graphic with very little movement. Feel a heavy atmosphere on a spaceship. The mechanical systems are designed as sophisticated as cartoon movies. Bringing games to all ages accessible. I would recommend you to try this game once in your life.

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Download 60 Parsecs! – Survive in a spaceship in the middle of endless space

At the beginning of the game, you will be put in an emergency situation. The Earth is in a state of being destroyed by war. A large nuclear warhead is also launching towards your space station. Only 60 seconds left to start finding yourself useful things in here. Select important friends, get them out of the station right away. Your ship is the only thing to support survival. Now as a captain of a spaceship. Take command of your crew and make informed decisions. Help the crew members stay alive as long as possible. Be a good enough person to divide evenly, don’t let conflicts arise.

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Get instructions

Your spaceship is not a mindless machine. It is built on a smart and modern system. Every day it will give instructions or update the variables inside and outside the ship. Please rely on here to be able to grasp the general situation. Consider the condition and requirements of your crew members. Through the instruction sheets printed from the machine, you need to read carefully and start working. If the crew members begin to feel hungry or weak. There will be warnings noted below and you need to feed them right away. Warn of threats from outer space entering the ship. The same tool options help you deal with these.

60 Parsecs mod apk

Take advantage of everything

You’ve escaped death in a split second, and this is where the carry-on comes into play. Every item you bring is useful, in every situation can be brought out and used. Reserved food boxes can sustain members for up to 3 days. The member’s endurance is limited, weakening if lacks food for too long. Protective suits allow them to go out into that horrible space environment. Multi-function first aid kit that can cure sick members. Depending on the different situations that randomly appear on your ship, it is necessary to use them. Others will appreciate your quick wits, good captain!

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Find a place to stop

This ship cannot maintain this state in space forever. It needs to be repaired what is seriously damaged. The ship’s fuel source was also running low and needed something to refill. Depending on your choice, you can land on a certain planet. There will be certain risks but must be taken because we have no other choice. After reaching the new stop, proceed with the necessary work. Must be one of the crew to explore the surrounding locations. Provide labor tools so they can bring back the spoils. From there, the ship can begin to recover and upgrade. Be careful because the world out there is extremely dangerous.

60 Parsecs mod free

Maintaining the life of the team members is the top factor. The main one has different chances to survive. If your teammates die, the situation will get worse. Try to save them when you can with the multi-function first aid kit. Beware of strange diseases coming from space. The monsters invade the ship and damage it. Those who go out to find necessities likely won’t return. Don’t take them away if the situation isn’t too stressful. A lot of risks is possible with 60 Parsecs! mod, nothing is impossible. Explore different planets with robots and monstrous creatures. Don’t let them harm your teammates.

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