FOG MOD APK (Increase damage, defense) 0.53.0

Updated 31/03/2022 (2 years ago)
MOD FeaturesIncrease damage, defense
SupportAndroid 4.4+
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FOG MOD APK detail?

Works only in Bronze Rank

Introduce MOD APK FOG

FOG’s battlefield is the right place for you to show off your excellent fighting skills. Transform into legendary heroes with extraordinary powers. Fight and use the unique abilities you own. The enemies on the battlefield will fall at your feet one by one. Show them who is the one who spreads terror across the vast battlefields. Develop your best friend’s abilities and breakthrough to the highest limits. The more you fight, the more intrigued you will be with what’s coming next.

FOG is a unique combination of two popular genres, Battle Royale and MOBA. Thereby creating a new style that attracts millions of players. The most vital point of this game is the fully built 3D graphics. The image and high refresh rate make the frame look smooth. So players can comfortably show their skills without encountering any errors. A fantasy setting is built to create a magical, magical world. Let’s play to practice reflexes, and your thinking is faster and faster.

FOG mod

Download FOG mod – Fight for survival in the arena

The gameplay of FOG will be pretty similar to the rules in Battle Royale games. You and other players will be transported to a large land. Choose your favorite character from a highly diverse list. Then all will have to move constantly and fight with each other to survive. Whoever stays to the end will win and be honored. The characters will have three skills to use and survive on the battlefield. You will use these skills during combat with the enemy. This is a fighting style quite similar to a regular MOBA game. It gives you a feeling that is both strange and familiar to enjoy.

FOG mod free

On the battlefield, where you are standing will gradually be covered by a deadly fog. Move to a safe zone before this fog covers you. If you stand in the fog for too long, you will gradually lose HP and eventually fall entirely.

Collect equipment

To survive on this battlefield, you need to have good equipment. After moving to the arena, you need to find them quickly. The equipment will be randomly located in any position; it will be detected when you pass. This equipment will include weapons, helmets, upper body armor, lower body armor. Along with that are a few other items such as jewelry and an item bag. Equipment is classified according to its power based on the quality it has. There are a total of five different levels of kit with increasing intensity. Characters will automatically pick up higher quality equipment along the way. Please select suitable locations to facilitate.

FOG mod apk

Hero Selection

Before entering the match, you will choose your representative. They are divided into different roles with unique fighting styles. These roles include investigator, doctor, conqueror, agent, assassin, barbarian, and more. Each character class has its own three combat skills. These skills can provide a lot of damage, defense, healing, or effects. By making innovative use of your character’s skills and attributes, you will unleash their power. Master the battlefield and defeat the rest of the map in turn. You can replay a particular class many times to get used to it better.

FOG mod apk free

Many interesting places

Before coming to the arena, you will choose the location to appear. Each site will correspond to a portal leading to that place. Each location will have an advantage and disadvantages that you may encounter. For example, the “mushroom” portal will have a lot of enemies for you to destroy and level-up skill points. But it will be close to the fog, and you need to run as fast as possible. Take advantage of appearing in each portal to develop your strategy. Do not play without thinking because then things can turn highly unfavorable. Knowing where you need to go is the key to victory.

FOG mod android

FOG mod is an enormous battlefield where you can freely fight with enemies. Make an effort to rise to the top and master all the different classes. No limit can hold back the players in this world. Places, artifacts, and bosses are waiting for you to come and conquer.

How to Download & Install FOG MOD APK (Increase damage, defense) for Android


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