Night Archer MOD APK 1.5 (God mode)

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NameNight Archer APK
MOD FeaturesGod mode
SupportAndroid 5.0+
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Fight with your bow against dangerous forest creatures in the game Night Archer. Your archers will be watched from above so you can see the danger as quickly as possible. Each brave archer will follow your control to shoot monsters with bows and arrows. Accurate pointers will help you destroy different types of monsters in the forest. You can help your female archer improve her archer by killing enemies. Her arsenal only consisted of a bow, her survival tool against the jungle creatures. Take control of the archer and go on a journey to explore the forest against dangerous animals.

A brave female archer has entered the new forest to discover many new things. Her mission is to become the first archer to cross the forest that no one has dared. The animals in it are terrifying, and even a single sound can scare people. The archer was also afraid of them but now had a companion on this journey. She will go with you every step of the way in this forest and bravely confront the creature. You will help her use the arrows she carries to defeat them and continue her journey. Accompany the archer and help her complete her quest to explore each dark forest.

Night Archer mod apk

Download Night Archer mod – Become a marksman archer

A female archer who thirsts to explore a forest that is said to be dangerous with many monsters. She has armed herself with the weapon she is most confident with to begin her journey. A powerful bow she wears and sharp arrows are her support. The long journey into the forest has already started, and adventures await her. The path into the woods will lead her to the strange things along with the most ferocious monsters. You must help her show off her archery skills if you want to continue your journey. React quickly to the monsters that appear and practice becoming a sharp archer.

Night Archer mod

Survival in the wilderness

A deep forest is a place that makes people afraid of the mystery behind the monster stories. This makes those who want to enter this place even more fearful of the strange cries. But one archer intends to uncover the secrets of the forest and these stories, especially when she is a beautiful but strong girl with a passion for archery. You will control her to start the journey into the forest later and advance to adventure. Female archers will gradually set different areas foot to satisfy their passion. Facing monsters here will allow the archer and you to learn how to survive in the wild forest.

Night Archer android

Show your bow skills.

Your mission is to uncover each oral story about the monsters deep in the forest. You have seen them appear before you and are as cruel as words. Then besides exploring the woods, you must destroy them all to bring peace. Monsters have invaded the forest for too long, and no one dares to enter here because of them. Unload the bow you carry on the archer and use them to aim at the enemy. They have different characteristics; you must rely on them to determine your priority attack target. Continuously shoot arrows to deal damage to destroy monsters and defeat them all in this forest.

Night Archer apk

The reward from the forest

The forest was destroyed by monsters that suddenly appeared and lost its inherent beauty. From a deep green place, the forest was now darkened by demons. Your appearance is an opportunity for the forest to return to its original appearance. The destruction of each beast means the chance of the lush forest bearing increases. To repay you, inside the forest will appear treasure chests when you kill monsters. It is a place to store valuable items that can accompany you throughout your journey. Become a female archer and begin a journey to explore and destroy monsters in the woods to receive rewards.

Night Archer free

The previously peaceful forest was destroyed by monsters appearing and looking gloomy. This place has become a place where no one is allowed to enter, and no one has the courage. But a female archer who believes in her shooting skills wants to uncover the truth. She took her bow and began her journey to conquer the mystery of monsters in the forest. She learned why the forest became like this, and the quest to destroy the nightmares started. The female archer must survive entering this forest with her bow skills. Download Night Archer to become an archer to protect the forest and receive a worthy reward.

Download Night Archer MOD APK (God mode) for Android

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