Armed Heist MOD APK 2.7.4 (Menu/Immortal, no recoil)

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NameArmed Heist APK
MOD FeaturesMenu/Immortal, no recoil
SupportAndroid 5.0+
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MOD Infomation
  • V1: Menu, Immortal/No Recoil
  • V2: Immortal

Have you ever imagined yourself as a bandit being chased, participating in a daring robbery at the bank? Become a bandit and shoot a gun that sets the horror scene in Armed Heist. If you are a lover of pursuit, do not miss this game. After carrying out a bank robbery, you are found out and surrounded by police. You will find shelter and equip yourself with weapons to fight the police. A world full of chaos opens up, Armed Heist will take you on a journey to escape and bombard the power. You will be the criminals arrested before a series of fierce attacks.

As a bandit living in hiding, you will face more than 70 bank bombardment challenges. Prepare yourself for the outfit and gun to attack quickly. Armed Heist needs the player to quickly and quickly re-shoot the police siege. You will be immersed in suspenseful air, constantly encountering their onslaught. Move cautiously so as not to be attacked. Try to find a way to escape, hide and quickly destroy the police shootings. Become a high-class criminal, then run away from their siege.

Armed Heist mod

Download Armed Heist mod – Become a class robber

Armed Heist allows players to experience the severity of the bombardment process. Consistently there are siege shootings, they will not leave you safe. Find ways to escape and attack them from owning different guns. The weapons system will be a great assistant for you to attack and protect your life. Become the strongest bandit, without fear of any opponent.

Armed Heist mod download

The battle of bandits

Beginning in the game screen, Armed Heist opens you up to a challenging battle. The police have gathered all their blockade forces to surround the entire area so that you cannot escape. They are constantly shooting at you with guns. React quickly to the bombardments from them. Otherwise, you will be knocked out and finished the battle. Your mission is to become a ruthless immortal robber who shoots against the police without shivering. Then quickly find a way to hide, then run to the comfort zone. Many bombardment battles are waiting for you to join, to become a brave and cruel bandit.

Armed Heist mod apk

Weapons of attack

Stores with over 30 types of weapons available, allowing players to choose as you like. Includes a variety of guns like cannons, pistols, pistols so you can fight the police and other opponents. Besides, there are additional equipment such as handles, silencers, bullet boxes, shot glasses to assist you in the fighting. Armed Heist gives you a quality weapon collection with an endless variety of different types. You are also equipped with a hat and armour to avoid the bullets fired by the enemy.

Armed Heist mod android

Legendary bandit

Players make their characters appear with the most unique and fancy image. Armed Heist offers you a wide range of clothing, hair and masks. Creates an image of a thug character that is unlike anyone else, impressing a lot. Transform your character through many different looks, clearly recreate the scene of the robbery at the bank. A unique bandit, always changing in many ways. Armed Heist will give you many skills to bombard enemy forces, avoiding the pursuit of them.

Armed Heist mod free

Attack map

Map is a database of bank security and armoured vehicles for you to choose from. A successful war requires intelligence and a clear plan. In robberies will appear events that you cannot anticipate. There are also bankers who seem reliable but can stab you in the back. Keep calm in the face of anything that happens around you. Find a safe path for you and a specific plan to complete your goals.

Armed Heist mod free android

As a bandit living in a police search, always confronted with guns. Your mission is to fight them, find a safe escape. Focus all your strength with the weapons to fight the opponent. Armed Heist will help you play the role of a daring bandit, a bank robber who is not afraid of anyone. Download Armed Heist mod to experience the shooting battle, become the most class robber.

Download Armed Heist MOD APK (Menu/Immortal, no recoil) for Android

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