JungleMix Match-3 Game Puzzles MOD APK (Unlimited money) 0.172

Updated 09/06/2024 (2 weeks ago)
NameJungleMix Match-3 Game Puzzles APK
MOD FeaturesUnlimited money
SupportAndroid 5.0+
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Introduce MOD APK JungleMix Match-3 Game Puzzles

Are you ready for the highly mysterious jungle challenge of JungleMix Match-3 Game Puzzles? If so, then start your trek into the jungle of ancient ruins. This is where you will have to overcome the toughest challenges. Use your wisdom to solve the riddles of the ancients. Search for carefully stored treasures in deadly traps. You are the most talented and fearless antique collector in the world.

JungleMix Match-3 Game Puzzles belongs to the market’s prevalent match-3 puzzle genre. This is a game style loved and chosen by many different audiences. This game offers a bright color scheme as well as an approachable construction. Beautiful and eye-catching graphics and many effects will bring a lot of entertainment. You will use your intellect and eyes to complete the challenges. Practice every day to become more sensitive to everything around you.

JungleMix Match 3 Game Puzzles mod

Download JungleMix Match-3 Game Puzzles mod – Conquer the challenges of the deep forest

You will transform into an adventurer with sharp thinking and boundless enthusiasm. The main objective is to take a trip to the ancient temple deep in the forest. Here, there are many valuable artifacts left by older people. These are carefully hidden behind challenging puzzles. These are puzzles designed in match-3 that are very familiar to us. Players only need to line up the same items in a row to destroy them. You will complete the level and win when you collect the required number of things. It sounds easy, but the later it gets, the more difficult it gets.

JungleMix Match 3 Game Puzzles mod free

Explore the vast island

The island that you have come to is a place that is still quite wild and full of the jungle. The island’s inhabitants, along with the ancient ruins, are distributed in different regions. You will go through each location in turn and discover what it can bring. Each site will have a required number of levels for you. You must complete the last level there to go to the next place. Not only that, but you can also get valuable things after winning. You will collect an artifact to add to your vast collection at each location. The more places you go, the richer the exhibition and experience will undoubtedly be.

JungleMix Match 3 Game Puzzles mod apk

Upgrade the place

When going through locations, you also have the role of upgrading the buildings you see. They are in a state of extremely heavy and rapid deterioration. But to fix it, you need to complete a required challenge. After winning, you will receive the privilege of renewing the part you want. All the constructions, such as stone statues, walls, etc., will be completed gradually. The further you go, the more complex works you encounter. The difficulty of repairing a building is therefore also increased. Players will need to adapt to circumstances more quickly to get the win.

JungleMix Match 3 Game Puzzles mod apk free

Choose decorations

To make the monuments more interesting, you can add decorative objects. It could be ancient paintings carved in stone dating back thousands of years. The statues are delicately sculpted with the skillful hands of older people. Gemstones or gold bars are also pretty good decorations. Buy these in the shop using your earned bonuses. The more you accumulate, the easier it is to buy expensive things. The more expensive, the more beautiful the decorative objects are than usual. Let’s return the beauty to these ancient ruins and make them more beautiful than before.

JungleMix Match 3 Game Puzzles mod android

Help the people

The people on this island often get into quite annoying troubles. You can help them by completing mini-games that are added to the story. These games are pretty easy compared to the primary levels you participate in. The rewards received are also highly diverse and as many as usual. More importantly, it makes us find more joy and excitement. There are many types of mini-games you can encounter during events. Don’t forget that extensive activities will also provide such types of play. You can freely play to hunt for valuable rewards for yourself.

A trip from the JungleMix Match-3 Game Puzzles mod will contain many exciting things. What are you waiting for without immediately downloading this game to your device and starting to explore the deserted island right away?

How to Download & Install JungleMix Match-3 Game Puzzles MOD APK (Unlimited money) for Android


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