Stretch Guy MOD APK (Menu/Instant Win/Unlocked Skin) 0.10.8

Updated 20/03/2024 (4 weeks ago)
NameStretch Guy APK
PublisherYso Corp
MOD FeaturesMenu/Instant Win/Unlocked Skin
SupportAndroid 5.0+
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Introduce MOD APK Stretch Guy

Help the protagonist free from the damn curse at Stretch Guy MOD APK (Menu/Instant Win/Unlocked Skin). You are a person with the unique superpower of being able to stretch your body at will. But all the characteristics of an average human will be retained, and you will receive the same physical injuries as a human. Emotions will also be something that affects you, and it will show clearly in your facial expressions. Make your way through dangerous obstacles scattered across the terrain. After that is the finish line for you to move forward, but there will still be items along the way that will become a support tool if you know how to use them. But it is like a double-edged sword because you will die if you make a mistake.

Simplicity is the two most practical words to describe this game. Everything is made extremely minimalist, from appearance to popular colors. All obstacles are not too scary, and their size is exceptionally modest. The main character is also made very simple as a stickman with a thin, sickly body and nothing too prominent except his face. It seems this is just a game to kill time when idle for office workers or children, but do not underestimate the levels here. There are enough levels, from easy to complex, and your thinking level will be pushed to the limit in the final games.

Stretch Guy mod apk min

Download Stretch Guy APK mod – The Man with the evil curse and the Journey to get rid of the Thorns

It can be said that humans are an extraordinary creation when we are not perfect. Of course, all living things are not perfect, but humans alone, in addition to the good qualities worthy of being modelled for thousands of generations, also have many dark sides. Behind each of us is a little bit of selfishness, cunning, madness, greed and deceit. There will be people who hide it very nicely or can overcome their evil selves. But there will still be people who do not control themselves and become slaves of the devil when they let their immediate desires and lusts drive them astray.

Stretch Guy mod apk free min

An undisciplined and irresponsible person

You are a guy born into a wealthy and influential family. From childhood, with the excessive pampering of parents and a rebellious personality, it is not too difficult for you to become a sassy young man. Don’t consider anyone and think you are always important in society; you refuse to do business and constantly enjoy parties all night and all morning. That has left a very heavy karma for you in the next life; not only that, the countless people you have beaten while drunk have not been adequately dealt with. That lifestyle caused the family conflict, and you were kicked out of the house.

Stretch Guy mod free min

The proper punishment comes from the gods

Out of anger, you drove at high speed while drinking. The anger made you not sober, and you ended up being run over by a truck because they couldn’t brake in time. When you go to the court of spirits, a video of your life is played back in front of the court in the presence of the entire spirit world. The vulgar words, disgusting actions and unfilial piety made all members extremely indignant. They handed the soul to the lord of hell for management and re-education. The noble lord was delighted because he had a test subject for a new form of torture.

Stretch Guy free min

A hell without demons

You are dragged into a place where there are no demons but you; the body is liquefied like rubber and can stretch, but if stretched too long, it will be torn. The road has countless obstacles; you must go through them if you want to survive. You feel extremely painful whenever the body is stretched too long, like being shot by hundreds of arrows. It is a punishment for you to feel the pain of the victims who were beaten while alive, and it is time for you to take it all back.

Stretch Guy mod min

Save yourself

You have no choice but to keep going because there will be a glimmer of hope that you will be human again. But it would be best if you got used to playing repeatedly and were torn into hundreds of pieces; all the pain would be clearly shown on the face. But there will still be objects for you to cling to and be safe, and there are also objects you can go further if you know how to take advantage of. Rescue yourself and take the blame at Stretch Guy APK 0.10.8.

How to Download & Install Stretch Guy MOD APK (Menu/Instant Win/Unlocked Skin) for Android


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