Matchington Mansion MOD APK (Unlimited money, stars.) 1.159.0

Updated 05/06/2024 (2 weeks ago)
NameMatchington Mansion APK
PublisherFirecraft Studios
MOD FeaturesUnlimited money, stars.
SupportAndroid 4.1+
Get it onGoogle Play

Introduce MOD APK Matchington Mansion

Please help the girl fix the mansion in Matchington Mansion. A cousin has intentionally messed up everything here, there’s no way you have to restore the house. Get used to cleaning the house, rearranging the books on the cupboard. You will gradually learn more ways to design your home with fresh colours. The character in the game Matchington Mansion is a cute girl, you are the one who gives suggestions every time the room changes. Temporarily forgetting what your cousin has done, you need to have the concentration to find the fastest way to fix the villa. Almost every room is turned upside down and needs cleaning up.

Before you want to do anything, start by getting rid of unnecessary items and cleaning the room from dust. You cannot bring a new Sofa in a place that has not been cleaned yet. And now the living room is the first place you’ll rebuild and design with new items. Furniture that is no longer used or is too old, please throw them away. The purpose this time is to renovate the entire villa, you will go to each room one by one and perfect it.

Matchington Mansion mod

Download Matchington Mansion MOD – Restoration of the old mansion

Any item such as chairs, bookshelves, photos gives you many colour options. I often use colours that match the overall tone of the house, when observing it will not be confused if you use too many colours. Of course, not anything that girl was capable of doing. For example, when we want to replace a new door, we need a mechanic. He helps you design and paint the door and then gives the player a specific image after the completion. There are many jobs that you need the support of other characters. The scale of the mansion is relatively large, the player’s task is extremely heavy. Unlock each room and rearrange all objects.


The Matchington Mansion features a variety of conversations between characters, and girls interacting with the player. Every story is a problem to solve if you can give your opinion. After doing the work in the living room we will move to the bedroom. Replace your bed, add a cupboard, and a bed lamp, and you’ll be consulted every time. Of course, the decision to add or choose each item is up to you. The villa has a large area, you do not do it all at the same time but do maintenance for each room.

Matchington Mansion mod download

Play the minigame

The minigame is where you get money and stars, it is used to spend on buying more items. Match-3 gameplay is familiar, but Matchington is still very careful guidance. You have played a few games but still, have specific instructions. Each level of play has a limit of moves. Pay attention to the game requirements in the left column and collect the colour icons. Just 3 symbols of the same colour close to each other your score. This kind of minigame isn’t actually new, but in Matchington Mansion it is part of the game.

Graphics and sound

Matchington Mansion has soothing sound effects, beautiful images with many sharp characters and furniture in the room. The atmosphere in the game is completely geared towards good conditions to help players come up with unique designs. The game features live screenshots while playing, you can compare between before and after or share it with your friends.

Matchington Mansion mod apk

Matchington Mansion is home to unlimited designs, you will replace new items for the villa. Take the key to each room and show off your architectural abilities. Download Matchington Mansion MOD old villa in need of a hand to renew it with a new design.

How to Download & Install Matchington Mansion MOD APK (Unlimited money, stars.) for Android


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Can you unlock The exclusive clothes and unlock the exclusive furniture?

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Can you unlock the clothes also

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