El Ninja Pepe MOD APK (Unlimited Money) 1.5

Updated on 27/09/2022 (8 months ago)
NameEl Ninja Pepe APK
PublisherLoquendero Dev
MOD FeaturesUnlimited Money
SupportAndroid 4.4+
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Adventure and deep green bamboo forest and transform into a discovery ninja in EI Ninja Pepe. You will be a ninja on a mission to find your lost power. Cruel ninjas ambushed you while on a mission, and they injured you. What you lose is not only the strength but also the essence of the true shinobi. Enemies stole the ninja’s secrets and knew everything, including the mystery. You cannot let the cruel ninja invade the treasures of the shinobi world. The journey into the forest to protect your faith promises many complex challenges. Find the quintessential values ​​and save them under your ninja talent.

[tocBad guys have invaded the bamboo forests belonging to the shinobi worlds. They are none other when they are the ones who defeated you and took everything from you. You must avenge the cruel shinobi and protect the precious remaining value. A shinobi must always find a way to get stronger, before and now. Your powers have been lost, you can regain them through time fighting them. But once the dignity is lost, you can recover only victory over the enemy for you. Embark on a journey to regain your strength and regain honor from the evil enemies who defeat you.

El Ninja Pepe android

Download El Ninja Pepe mod – Join a ninja adventure

Your power has been stolen, and you need time to practice before fighting. Your foundation has been trained since childhood, so it’s not difficult to become strong again. But what tests you are the psychological ghost from your defeat against evil enemies? Fight and face loss because that’s the only way you can get back up. Go on an adventure and retrain on your way to becoming a talented ninja. Face the person who beat you and make them taste what failure feels like. Take everything back from them and end the adventure like a true shinobi.

El Ninja Pepe apk

Deep green world

The bamboo forest ahead is a sacred place for a shinobi like you in the game. It is also where you work hard to become a shinobi like now. Now someone has contaminated the forest in ways you wouldn’t have imagined. They destroy, and the bamboo forest is only green with no life remaining. You are an adventure shinobi and must go there to find your things. The seemingly familiar terrains have now lost life and only death. Use your talents and punish the monstrous ninjas for what they did. Your ability will prove your ability to save this bamboo forest world.

El Ninja Pepe free

Find out about yourself.

The Shinigami from the darkness attacked you while you were on your mission. And that has caused you to lose your inherent strength after years of training in the ninja world. Your fighting skills are gone, and your fighting ability is also gone. But you get the chance to start over, and the enemies ahead are the best practice. Does failure bring you down, or does it motivate you to start over? The enemy will surely be surprised to see your superior strength compared to the original. They will soon regret accidentally helping you come back and become stronger.

El Ninja Pepe mod apk

Protecting beliefs

In the mind of a shinobi, the most sacred thing is the power and the secret of the commons. However, those things were destroyed by the cruel ninja to what is your creed. Now it’s your responsibility to find what a ninja treasures most in his journey. The bamboo forest is where the cruel shinobi gather, and you need to venture into it. They summon dry skeletons to block your progress towards them. The skills of a shinobi like you will quickly surpass them, even though you are finding yourself again. Each of your fighting skills will return when you dare face dry bones and ninjas.

El Ninja Pepe mod

You are a shinobi who lost his power when he first engaged the enemy from the dark. They are the ninjas of the evil faction who always want to take over the world’s elite. You failed at the first meeting and lost everything after falling to them. But this is an unprecedented opportunity for you to retrain yourself against the enemy ahead. It would be best if you had time so that all that is yours and your beliefs will return. Then, adventure into the bamboo forest, forge one more time and rise from failure. Download El Ninja Pepe mod to find yourself from the power and regain the faith that the cruel ninja has violated.

Download El Ninja Pepe MOD APK (Unlimited Money) for Android

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