Ego Sword MOD APK (Menu/Unlimited money) 2.22

Updated 11/07/2024 (1 week ago)
NameEgo Sword APK
CategoryRole Playing
MOD FeaturesMenu/Unlimited money
SupportAndroid 7.0+
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Introduce MOD APK Ego Sword

Ego Sword MOD APK is a game where you can train with heroes to become strong against combat challenges. You’ll take on combat challenges as you become a talented swordsman. And when you become a hero, you can experience the most sublime fighting moments. That’s when you journey to find your opponents and compete with them in matches. They can be other heroes or will be dangerous creatures of the world. Whoever it is, your goal is to defeat them with your sharp sword. Join the battle of sword heroes against all opponents.

You will play as a person with a solid ability to use swords as his fighting weapon. And then, you will become a hero and enjoy the combat experience. You must go through many different journeys and face many opponents to express yourself. And winning them all with the skill of using the talent sword would be the most convincing. So you need to collect costumes and equip them with powerful swords. When you’re ready, you’ll begin ranked matches against your opponents in the arena. Compete with others as you control your sword-wielding hero into battles.

Ego Sword android

Download Ego Sword MOD APK – Show the power of a sword-fighting hero

The epic battles between heroes have begun, and you are ready to experience the challenge. And to be ready, you must choose a hero to go on your journey. You can change the hero you accompany and join them in battles. The choice of outfit will also help you build your fighting style. Even the swords you own will represent the power you use to fight. So when you have enough confidence, you will control your hero to compete on the leaderboard and conquer all your opponents as you fight with your sword-wielding hero in the arena.

Ego Sword apk

Become powerful heroes

You will have the opportunity to use swords and fight like a true hero. That’s when you transform into a person with special powers to be able to fight. However, no matter how powerful, weapons are still equipment that a hero needs. So you choose the sword as your companion equipment to participate in every match. And your task when becoming a hero is to defeat every opponent you face. Whether it is monsters or other heroes, you will still use your sword against them. Start your fighting career using your sword against your opponents in Ego Sword MOD APK.

Ego Sword free

Hero power upgrade

The hero you transform into has a strong fighting ability thanks to his strength. And the sword in your hand will be the equipment for you to use against all opponents. But your challenges will not be easy, and you must upgrade your strength. Hero’s costumes will help you improve and upgrade your combat stats. New weapons are swords that will also help you defeat opponents faster. And when you combine both the outfit and the sword in battle, you get the most powerful hero. Collect costumes and swords during battle to upgrade your hero.

Ego Sword mod apk

Explore combat missions

You have gone on competitive journeys with a hero with a talent for using swords. Then you will experience different competitive matches with many opponents. But that’s just the beginning, and you need to improve your hero’s strength from combat. When becoming more robust, you have to compete with opponents in tournaments. There are many opponents you need to conquer with the power you have. However, to win, you must have superior strength to all your opponents. Compete in battles and explore all combat missions with your hero.

Ego Sword mod

Being a sword hero means you have to fight every opponent. They include ferocious monsters that prevent you from exploring and other heroes. Those are all challenges that you need to overcome when taking on the role of a mighty hero. Therefore you need to improve your power by collecting costumes and swords. Killing monsters will help you get equipment and take on the challenges. And when you have enough power, you can compete with every other hero on the leaderboard. Download Ego Sword MOD APK to show your talent to control sword hero to fight against all challenges.

How to Download & Install Ego Sword MOD APK (Menu/Unlimited money) for Android


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