Dungeon and Pixel Hero MOD APK (Unlimited upgrade/Low cost) 12.4.3

Updated 07/02/2024 (4 weeks ago)
NameDungeon and Pixel Hero APK
PublisherPixelStar Games
CategoryRole Playing
MOD FeaturesUnlimited upgrade/Low cost
SupportAndroid 4.4+
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Introduce MOD APK Dungeon and Pixel Hero

Role-play as heroes of the pixel world and conquer dungeons in Dungeon and Pixel Hero. You will return to the classic war, where the heroes aim to defeat monsters. The place where those evil creatures were born was a dungeon, and they wanted to go inside and explore. Everything in the jail is dark, and the heroes need a brave man to lead the way. You are also curious about the dungeon and will ignore the danger and go inside. The heroes are very fond of your heart and will decide to keep you safe. Trust powerful heroes and explore dangerous monsters deep in the dungeon.


World heroes were born to keep this place safe from danger. And the fundamental dungeon forces have carried out their plan to invade the human world. But after their defeats against the hero, they hid deep inside the dungeon. However, the heroes want to eradicate them to complete the mission. So they decided to go deep into the jail and search for monsters to destroy. You also want to join this journey and will join them in overcoming the dangers ahead. Use your powerful abilities and conquer the dungeons of monsters with heroes.

Dungeon and Pixel Hero android

Download Dungeon and Pixel Hero mod – Eliminating the birthplace of monsters

The world of humanity, since its formation, has experienced many invasions from enemies. Although the world has many dangers, society is united and overcomes difficulties. And through the period of resistance to destruction, heroes have also appeared. They are the strongest and will be determined to protect the world. The monsters that experienced defeat were weak, and the dungeon was their last line of defence. Only by completely purifying the monster’s birthplace can the heroes rest in peace. Discover the powers of heroes and use your abilities to fight enemies.

Dungeon and Pixel Hero mod apk

Hero control

Dungeons are still a place where humans don’t know why they can give birth to evil creatures. But the heroes ignored the danger of being ambushed by monsters and entered it. They had the confidence to react to any risks inside the dungeon. And the truth is that heroes may be temporarily safe in a breeding ground for evil monsters. The defeats against humanity made the monster population weak against the hero. However, they are still evil creatures; you must control them to destroy their monsters. Help the heroes hold their weapons and use their skills to start slaying monsters.

Dungeon and Pixel Hero apk

Combat features

The hero’s quest to destroy the dungeon was not just their temporary act. Heroes are born to keep the world safe from invading monsters. So killing the monster’s birthplace was a must-do task for powerful heroes. And you will help the heroes use the battle feature to eliminate monsters quickly. Monsters in the dungeon will be powerful bosses for you to test your fighting skills. And the artefacts dropped from monsters after being destroyed will help you confidently fight. The monster-empty dungeons will be the mark for the completion of the mission.

Dungeon and Pixel Hero free

Dungeon conquest

Heroes have bravely led you into the monster dungeon to fight them. Any monsters that appear are enemies of the world, and you need to destroy them. There is a lot of loot inside the jails, but they are only for the winner. And the achievement of conquering the dungeons of the monsters will help you upgrade the heroes. The campaigns you join with your hero will help you and your heroes level up. However, the dungeons behind will not be easily purified to challenge the hero. Clear the dark dungeons and collect many achievements for heroes.

Dungeon and Pixel Hero mod

The human world has spawned powerful heroes since the arrival of monsters. Together they fought through the monster invasions and defeated them. However, humanity can only completely keep the peace when they are annihilated. And you will start with the hero entering the monster dungeon and purifying the jail. The quest to destroy humanity’s enemies is a noble mission, and that’s what the heroes aim for. The hero’s journey to conquer the dungeon will become assertive with your companion. Download Dungeon and Pixel Hero mods to explore monster dungeons and destroy the enemies of humanity.

How to Download & Install Dungeon and Pixel Hero MOD APK (Unlimited upgrade/Low cost) for Android


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