Blacksmith of the Sand Kingdom MOD APK 1.10g (Menu, Unlimited Money/Immortality/Damage)

Updated on 30/07/2022 (6 months ago)
NameBlacksmith of the Sand Kingdom APK
CategoryRole Playing
MOD FeaturesMenu, Unlimited Money/Immortality/Damage
SupportAndroid 5.0+
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MOD Infomation

Mod Menu
>God Mode
>Damage Multiplier
>Defense Multiplier
>Currency Cheat (Massive amount. Enabled by Deault)

Embark on a journey to explore a sand city in the Blacksmith of the Sand Kingdom. Choose for yourself a creed along with your character to explore the wild desert areas. Get acquainted with the people of the land of sand, learn about an unexplored world. Become a blacksmith like the previous generation with the ability to craft anything. Walk around the vast desert, conquering dark caves. Destroy monsters, search and collect many rare materials. Crafting equipment to make your journey lighter. Gather with your clan members. Learn from crafting experiences to become an alchemist.

A kingdom called Muspelheim surrounded by sand desert remains unexplored. Covering that peaceful land is a wild suburban area with many dangers. You will play the role of a blacksmith’s son with a dream to explore this desert land. Inheriting the father’s traditional profession by continuing to make things. You can now freely explore the wilderness in addition to working as a blacksmith. Join a guild or lead a group with the same purpose of discovery. Roam around towns to rest and sell supplies after expeditions. Successfully explore the wild desert with the endurance of a blacksmith.

Blacksmith of the Sand Kingdom android

Download Blacksmith of the Sand Kingdom mod – Become the alchemist of the sand city

Move to a kingdom located in a desert full of sand. Now you are a young man who succeeded his father’s blacksmith with a desire to explore the world. It would be best if you learned from the people who have long lived within the kingdom’s town. They have a lot of exciting things to tell you and you have to chat with them to get to know them. The kingdom also has many centers to serve your discovery journey. Adventurers can learn how to eat and drink at the village tavern. Heal adventurers from hospital battles. Craft yourself the necessary equipment and continue to explore this vast desert.

Blacksmith of the Sand Kingdom mod

Sand desert adventure

To be a talented alchemist, you need to collect the necessary fuel. Those rudimentary fuels appear in the desert beyond the city. Any ledge can contain rare materials for you to craft equipment. Using tools for mining materials such as pickaxes or shovels will help you collect more. Bring the documents you need back to the city. Sort the necessary materials so that you can easily craft them. Transport them to the store so they can be sold to everyone. You also have a lucky chance to find treasure chests containing items. Accumulate them because maybe they will be helpful to you.

Blacksmith of the Sand Kingdom free

Crafting equipment

The experience from the father will make Volker’s crafting, as well as yours, easier. You will get an instruction sheet documenting the knowledge of the father who spent his life making items. By following the instructions, you can craft such items. Increase your ability to craft equipment successfully by practicing daily. The items you make will become precious in the shop because only you know how to make them. They can also become tools to make your sand desert exploration easier. What items to sell and keep is at the discretion of the alchemist.

Blacksmith of the Sand Kingdom apk

Fight to survive

A desolate desert will not be as peaceful as you think, but there are dangers. Outside the city are remote suburbs inhabited by desert monsters. They have been isolated from the world for too long and can attack you anytime. Precious materials existed inside the dungeon. Face the powerful monsters guarding them to get those ingredients. You can also use the items collected from the chests during the adventure to win the battle. Choose one of four characters to fight dangerous creatures from the sand desert.

Blacksmith of the Sand Kingdom mod apk

Suburbs and sandy deserts surround Muspelheim. Inside the desert contains ingredients for you to become an alchemist. Unleash Volker’s exploration by going into those deserts to gather ingredients. The adventure in the desert will not be easy because the monsters are waiting for you ahead. Follow the guide map and defeat the monsters in the dungeon. Use your father’s experience to craft your equipment quickly. Download Blacksmith of the Sand Kingdom mod to become a great alchemist of the kingdom.

Download Blacksmith of the Sand Kingdom MOD APK (Menu, Unlimited Money/Immortality/Damage) for Android

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