Dungeon Traveler MOD APK (Unlimited money) 1.0.3

Updated 10/01/2023 (1 year ago)
NameDungeon Traveler APK
PublisherThunder Soul Games
CategoryRole Playing
MOD FeaturesUnlimited money
SupportAndroid 5.0+
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Introduce MOD APK Dungeon Traveler

Dungeon Traveler takes players to new dungeons and conquers here. Play as a wandering hero and conquer dungeons and defeat enemies. With mighty heroes who defeat the beast in the game, upgrade yourself. Upgrading the magical transformation skills will create something terrible. Gradually familiarize yourself with the apprentice heroes assigned to you to familiarize yourself with such as Mage, Bishop, Warlock, etc. Being taught by veteran characters living here, you will see how this dungeon works. Star. Feel what you will face ahead and what needs to be done.

3D graphics is an advantage of this game because many gamers like games with easy-to-see 3D designs that look very sophisticated, cartoonish, and unique. Each stage of the player’s game will create many novel situations. For each situation, the game’s music changes to suit the situation. Be captivated by the stories of the heroes as they go through the game’s stages while fighting. Use the phone to control your characters through the crane on the screen

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Download Dungeon Traveler mod – Fight in the dark dungeon

With the role-playing style and tactical use of the heroes, this game is worth a try for players if they love heroes and strategy. Get acquainted with three heroes, then four, then infinite heroes in the army. Heroes saved as cards can raise stars and add appropriate equipment. Arrange the heroes you have in the appropriate boxes to defeat the enemies in the players in the game easily. Each step is a challenge but also meet and recruit heroes to the team. Join the Dungeon Traveler to explore the character system with three classes with countless characters. Control the squad with your character’s energy, power points, level, equipment, and star count.

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Dark dungeon reform

Going through the dark dungeon, you will encounter formidable opponents here. Beat them to advance and earn items, and level up for yourself. Meet early-level monsters like Deep Sea Monsters to get acquainted. The next step is the dungeon assassin, flying dragon, Lizard warrior, etc., to the next level. Get skills and items back into your pocket when you kill these monsters. In this dungeon, the enemies are countless, from the middle names or the big bosses waiting for you to conquer in the more difficult later levels. If you don’t do anything to them, they will do to you, fighting to let them know who will be the king of the dungeon they live in.

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Find items about the bag.

Given what’s in the bag, quickly use them for something. With some money, for example, immediately meet the dungeon salesman to buy something cool. Like gems, for example, to beautify or upgrade something for the hero in your party. Defeating some mediocre wanderer or some giant monster will drop items. Pick up the items in the bag and see if you can do anything. If you are tired of fighting, take out the potion and energy bottle to restore yourself and the heroes in the squad. Continually expand your inventory by leveling up your squad’s battle level.

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Arrange thinking formations

Recruit heroes who want to join the dungeon fighting party along the way. Heroes have new and valuable skills for the squad when fighting. Some heroes use force to knock up and withstand the thin characters behind them. But heroes who use powerful spells that deal continuous damage tend to be very thin and are ranked second. Arrange the heroes appropriately to fight the enemy pieces and smash the army line. Learn how to think about using heroes properly, placing them in such a way that they lose the least amount of health and mana. If not careful, skills are ineffective and waste a lot of energy. For example, the fireballs that hit the center of the formation of the sharp bats hit many enemies, etc. All make up a robust strategy and formation to go around in the dark dungeon.

Thunder Soul Games mod apk free min

When the character encounters the enemy, the battle begins again. Before you start, prepare your heroes and formations to fight them. Beat everything from the little guys to their big brother. Love strategy games where heroes get lost in danger. Try to experience the hero role-playing game in this dark place on any phone. Download the Dungeon Traveler mod to create a team of heroes, strategize to defeat the enemy, and conquer the dark prison.

How to Download & Install Dungeon Traveler MOD APK (Unlimited money) for Android


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