Chain Strike MOD APK (Menu, God mode, Damage, Defense/multipliers) 2.0.5

Updated 12/11/2021 (2 years ago)
NameChain Strike APK
CategoryRole Playing
MOD FeaturesMenu, God mode, Damage, Defense/multipliers
SupportAndroid 4.2+
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Introduce MOD APK Chain Strike

Fighting is always a way for us to show our talents to everyone. But with Chain Strike, it is not like those trivial laws at all. This is the place where all the young heroes gather with the noblest mission. That is to destroy all evil forces that are ruling in this world. Return the balance to the world by all means possible. Only effort can lead us to final glory.

Com2uS is a developer from Korea that is quite famous for its quality products. One of them is Chain Strike, with a considerable number of downloads. Along with that, there are pretty positive reviews from players who have experienced it. This is a strategic role-playing game with gorgeous graphics, and they are combined with quality visual and sound effects for a top-notch playing experience. This is a pretty significant investment from the development team of this game.

Chain Strike mod

Download Chain Strike mod – Fight hard and defeat the darkness

In the Signus continent, darkness is enveloping and turning the lives of the people upside down. War and death are everywhere, with the ferocious demons increasing in numbers. Your task now is to assemble your most substantial team of heroes. Engage in battles with enemies to destroy them. The arena will be designed in an intelligent chessboard and flanked by your team and the enemy. Arrange your characters in the most appropriate positions in the squad. Both sides will attack in turn with all their abilities. When the enemy has been wholly destroyed, then you will get the victory.

Chain Strike mod free

Create the strongest squad

Chain Strike will give you a lot of different guardians with specific roles. These roles include Rook, Bishop, King, Knight and finally Queen. They will be available as powerful and stylish RPG characters. These guardians can be placed in up to five different positions on the chessboard. It will form a powerful pincer stance so that your army can effectively defeat the enemy. You can create a squad that specializes in attack or defence according to your preference. Fight with innovative and effective strategies to ensure your team’s win rate—freedom to create your guardians in various ways.

Possession of Guardians

The Guardians were the strongest warriors that existed on the great continent of Signus with a history of thousands of years. They carry within themselves an abundant source of energy that can destroy enemies. Guardians will be divided into the attack, defence, HP and finally, support. You can use each person’s skills freely in combat. Combine them to create powerful attacks on your opponents. Set specific goals so that guardians can fight more effectively. The more stars the guardians had, the more their fighting ability was significantly superior. Join the wheel of fortune for a chance to own stronger people.

Chain Strike mod apk

Strength test

To know where your strength is, you need to have standard measures. PvP battles will help you do this most. Challenge all the different players around the world to hand-to-hand combat. The winner will be the stronger one and get the deserved rewards. If your goal is higher, you can choose ranked matches. If you win, you will receive additional personal points to accumulate. The leaders will be listed in the rankings with the achievements they have achieved during the season. Strive to stand on it and receive weekly honours.

Chain Strike mod android

Tower Forgotten

Do you want to see the power of all the guardians you own? Forgotten Tower is the place that can fulfil your wish. Allows summoning all of one’s guardians to participate in massive attacks. Complete the requirements given to win and get benefits. Witness the absolute power unleashed continuously from the characters. Create terrible chaos for this forgotten tower. Enemies are waiting for you on different floors with increasing strength. Take all your warriors as far as you can with your abilities.

Download Chain Strike mod now to own more than 200 different characters in the collection. Join them on a fateful journey with many fascinating developments.

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